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The Life Of David Gale And Death Penalty Research Paper (Movie Review Sample)


the student was required to watch the movie "The Life of David Gale" and provide her view or opinion regarding death penalty based on the movie.


The Life of David Gale and death penalty
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The Life of David Gale and death penalty
The movie “The Life of David gale” produced by Parker and Cage (2003) presents David Gale as an activist opposing the execution of death penalty facing a death row and has a few days left before he is also executed. But then, the case takes a different turn when David summons Elizabeth Bloom, a journalist known for securing her information sources. David Gale tells the journalist that he was innocent. Though not immediately, with time, Bloom gets more interested to the extent of gathering evidence on Gale’s innocence.
Bloom discovers some evidence that proves that David Gale did not commit the crimes has he had been convicted and that he had been framed by the criminal together with Constance the so called victim of rape. Unfortunately, Bloom has almost no time to present the new evidence. Her attempts to deliver the video tape showing the happenings of the crime were in vain. She arrives after David Gale had been executed.
Even so, gale’s execution does not deter the exposure of evidence. The idea is that an innocent human being may be executed. Additionally, once the event has taken place there is no way that the mistake can be corrected. These are Gale’s main reasons against death penalty.
David’s act shows how much he was willing to let the world realise how much damage a judicial process can cause by executing death penalties. To a larger extent, David’s expression against death penalty influenced my view on death penalty. Besides the irreversible nature of the outcome of a death penalty, it also does not have firm ground that some individuals have to be executed. In other words, one would interpret death penalty to be granting state governments the authority to kill.
On the other hand, if the state governments were appearing to base their decisions on guilt, fairness, reliability and competency in the hearing of appeals may be death penalty would not face such an opposition. This is to mean that, they must have in place measures that would reliably determine one’s innocence or guilt. Perhaps, this is one of the major aspects that have contributed to an uproar in movements against capital punishments. David Gale manages to demonstrate this aspect clearly and that cases of states convicting innocent individuals have been reported gives individuals a better reason to change his/her mind about death penalties.
In my opinion, Gale’s approach seems t...
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