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Gender Norms and Recognition (Movie Review Sample)


The paper needed the writer to watch a short clip then discuss the main theme of the clip.


Gender Norms and Recognition
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Recognition and intelligibility, as seen in the film 'If This Wall Could Talk' are far from near for the gays. Edith is rendered homeless by the fact that her union with Abby was not clear and official, and no one knew if they lived as couples. People live in denial of their real selves not knowing if they should expose who they have become or just wear their old selves when family and friends are around them. Humans are born with a gender of which they can't change, but they define their sexuality of which they may choose to make know or a secret.Roles assigned to genders, as humans grow knowing to be so, make some lives ‘'unlivable'' in this way; Edith in the film ‘If This Wall Could Talk', undertook the roles of the female gender as many of us have been brought up knowing to be so. When Abby, who chose to take the masculine norms of the family, died, the relatives of Abby were on the neck of Edith dispossessing her of everything she ever acquired with Abby. On another hand women in France are prosecuted for what they believe to be a show of utmost love to their daughters; the cutting of the clitoris to make their girls better women of tomorrow. The fact as per the customs of the women of France that they need to make their daughters better woman and wives land them in trouble. Many women are sentenced to jail because of the situation that community has put them in, and they have no choice but to continue doing as per custom and community demands. Somebody with a sense of humanity will notice and conclude that the life that the French women immigrants are ‘less human' and ‘unliveable.'The process of self-realisation by people in society of choosing to live a life that they desire and not one that has been premeditated for them is more evident today. Girls and women have abandoned their gendered duties and fully embraced what life has to offer as much as boys have. The legal decision of the supreme court in the civil suit, of June 2015 Obergefell Et Al. V. Hodges, Director, Ohio Department Of Health, Et Al, further advocates for the liberation of humans from culture and societal norms that on wishes no to follow. However, the law in has been seen in the case mentioned to eradicate oppression in society whereas in the earlier case of sentencing French women to prison an act of oppression for women. It is evident that ...
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