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Which Way Home Film: Immigrant Children's Face Huge Challenges and Experienced Depression (Movie Review Sample)


The tast required an investigation of the Documentary known as 'Which Way Home' and finding a hidden issue in the film. The sample talks about dipression as the hidden issue and the remedies that can help the kids in the documentary.


Documentary Investigation: Which Way Home
Institutional Affiliation
Documentary Investigation: Which Way Home
The film talks about undocumented kids who travel by train through Mexico merely to arrive in the United States. They believe that this country has solutions for better survival. Considering their tender age, that is 9-17 years, it is hard to believe the challenges that have brought them to decide on going to the United States. The constant trigger is poverty, and seeing their parent struggle to face ends meet; they feel the need to help out and for them, moving to this state is the first step to finding solutions. This paper aims at explaining an issue that is not necessarily at the forefront of the documentary but still is a pro

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