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Analysis of the Film; Bartholomew’s Song Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


the task required me to analyze the film "Bartholomew’s Song" and the sample has ADDRESSED the task


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Analysis of the Film; Bartholomew’s Song
Barth 467 is the main character in the film, and he is programmed to operate like a robot and work in a similar routine every day. The film has various technical and theoretical values the first one being cultural relevance. The film is very relevant to the culture of today where music has been embraced by people in all parts of the world. Most people use music to enjoy themselves and also listen to music ion the process of enjoying their free time. Music is also said to be a source of calmness, especially when one is angry because it soothes the soul. This relates to the film because Barth 467 felt like a trapped man whose life was caged and controlled by the woman who issued commands from the next room. After listening to music, he was somehow addicted to it, and he longed to come back from the day’s activities and listen to it. It also gave him the urge to be free from being controlled by the woman’s voice, and this prompted him to kill her. Today, most people also listen to music at the end of the day after completing the day’s activities as a way of relaxing and unwinding.

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