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To Analyze The Film Pulp Fiction Using Film Terminology (Movie Review Sample)


the task was to analyze the film 'pulp fiction ' using film terminology and differentiating between significant film periods and genres


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Pulp Fiction Film
The title of the film refers to the 20th century pulp magazines and written novels that contained violent graphics, characters, and language. The violence in these pulp magazines involved crime, sex, and physical gun fights. Quentin Tarantino drew his inspiration of writing and directing such films from the pulp theme. The research plan involved both journal articles and books to investigate the film in a detailed manner.
Quentin Tarantino displays many violent scenes that reveal his rare accomplishment opening new horizons in the film industry. This movie has made Tarantino the best director and writer in Hollywood and made him known as a producer of original eye-catching films (Jason 192).
The film Pulp Fiction is a mixture of many themes that one would wish to see in any enticing movie. Quentin Tarantino wrote the film script with a unique style such that it has intense scenes alternating with calm ones throughout. The viewer is enticed to keep watching as they anticipate for the next scene. Pulp Fiction is controversial in the sense that its manic excesses are likely to bring bewilderment and offense. The unusual film displays popular culture and satirizes it unapologetically. In spite of the movie having a high rating and many followers, the violence in the characters' language and actions is beyond the expectation.
The Pulp Fiction film can be discussed in many dimensions as it falls under drama, humor, and crime genre. The reason it does not have a specific genre is because its arrays are cinematic and reflexive. Moreover, the film uses homage and has pop cultural references. It falls in the post-modern collage genre. The picture of the script is a flamboyant manic that conveys the theme message of the film. It includes a collection of different crimes and uses blaxploitation, which utilizes black stereotypes (Adilifu 121). The Pulp Fiction film is post-modern as it has lively characters who know their roles well compared to those in other films.
The story writer and director Quentin Tarantino devoted developed characters' conversations in such a way that shows their life perspectives and sense of humor. This film shows a complete blend of both cinema and theatre aspects. It provides the insight of different morals reflected in the criminals who reveal the tone of the entire film (Adilifu 16). Quentin Tarantino had an interesting fantasy while writing the storyline of this movie. The allusions and landscapes he portrays in the film provide the viewer with the experience of the best movie of all times. For example, the image of Marilyn Monroe's skirt situation when it flew over the subway and Jules' concern to being a flock of seagulls' victim as he had a resembling haircut.
The language of Pulp Fiction clearly shows that the film is referenced in the mid 20th century, 1950's to 1970's (Jason 12). The teasing and bantering are the assembly of complimentary references of other movies. Quentin Tarantino applied the old ways of storytelling into the screenwriting of his Pulp Fiction film. From the crime genre, the story unfolds in order as an audience would anticipate and then, within no time, it takes a twist leaving the viewers in suspense. This feature is seen when Vincent goes to see Mia, his boss' wife. Mia entices him into romance and clearly, he is attracted to her. The audience's expectations of Vincent falling for Mia's charm are not confirmed, since he realizes that he has to be loyal to his boss and to himself. This fact clearly shows that Quentin Tarantino seemingly took genre characters and situations, applying them to real life situations to show how they are likely to unfold.
Quentin Tarantino drew references from the crime drama directed by Don Siegel, Marcellus. Despite the fact that the pulp fiction story has an array of different visuals, it does not have a film score. The reason is that the motion pictures are incorporated with not a common genre of music but completely diverse assortment of genres: rock, pop, roll, surf, and soul (Jason 125). However, surf is the overall style Quentin Tarantino used in directing his film. The movie text, on the other hand, was formed by blending underground song records, using musical style of the 1960's. Pulp Fiction film is a combination of insignificant sub-cultures that revolve around political issues (Adilifu 142). The movie is focused on the younger generation audience who are cinematically aware. Both the audio and visual collaboration of Pulp Fiction reveals that this film is post-modern compared to other films of its time.
Quentin Tarantino incorporated three different types of narratives, which unfold as the movie continues without being controversial to the viewers following. Each of the three narratives is given equal weight and g

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