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Edward Yang: A One And A Two (“Yi Yi”) Visual Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


An Edward yang movie review ("yi yi")


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A Review of Edward Yang’s Film “A One and Two”
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(“YI YI”)
Yi Yi is a movie centered on the lives of a Taiwanese family who reside in Taipei. The movie depicts an affluent and successful family of Jian living in the city of Highrise. The three generations of the family are haunted by missed opportunities lost. Amidst this, the movie manages to capture the struggles and triumphs of daily existence.
The movie opens with a wedding. NJ’s irresponsible brother-in-law is getting married to a girl he impregnated. We first encounter a missed opportunity when a hysterical woman makes an apology to the groom’s mother: "It should have been me walking down the aisle with your son today!" NJ is haunted by this too when he encounters his first love of 30 years on the elevator lobby and proceeds to wonder what his life would have been had he married her. As the story unfolds, it probably would not have been much different than it was currently with him chasing success and his career and forgetting his happiness.

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