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Spotlight Movie Visual & Performing Arts Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


Its a review of the spotlight movie


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Spotlight Movie Review
Spotlight is one of the movies that received so many awards in the united states including the Academy award for best picture and Best original screenplay in a period of six months in 2015. The movie is based on a true story brought to light by an investigative reporting unit in Boston who were associated with the Boston Globe editorial company. The unit started its operations in the 1970’s and its main concern was the raising allegations of abuse in the catholic church which caught the attention of the investigative team that they began a year- long investigation into the matter to expose the criminality engulfed in the catholic church. This lead to a lot of discoveries on the cover up and hypocrisy at both religious and legal institutions. The team’s attention was particularly attracted to a case of a particular story by a fellow Globe columnist about sexual abuse allegation of a catholic priest against a minor, and what appears to be a cover up by cardinal Bernard law of the archdiocese of Bolton. This forms the basis of the investigative nature of the entire movie. The reasons why I choose this movie is because it reflects the true nature of our society as that which harbors religions that act as cover ups for crime in the society instead of condemning such acts of criminality.

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