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Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerability. Communications & Media Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


The paper analyzes and TED Talk and tries to understand how the speaker presents her arguments and appeals to the audience


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Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerability
The Ted Talk by Brene Brown talks about people’s abilities to belong, empathize, and love. The talk takes a unique approach as Brown narrates some personal recollections of her life underlining an intimate approach to her research. She talks about how people perceive life and the strength of vulnerability in people’s lives. Importantly, she argues that people are vulnerable because they care about the perceptions of other people. Therefore, vulnerability arises due to the feelings of people towards us. Brown states that vulnerability can be damaging personally stating that she hates it and thus her sole intention of going into the quest to understand it better. The talk talks about issues of shame, courage, authenticity, and vulnerability. She insists that people have a fear that they are unworthy of connection and thus making them vulnerable to hurt and pain.
The main points of the talk include the argument that people are vulnerable because they feel unworthy of the connection while the people who are less vulnerable achieve this fit due to their courage. The latter implies that these people are willing to let go of what they thought they should be to be themselves. Similarly, these courageous people believed that the things that made them vulnerable made them beautiful and thus it was necessary. Brown further talks about the need for people to acknowledge their weaknesses and strengths. Importantly, she talks about the need to admit when you have a vulnerability issue and asking for help.

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