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Guards Fitting into their Roles (Movie Review Sample)


Documentary review

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7 May 2015.
Stanford Prison Experiment
Guards Fitting into their Roles
The guards were psychologically prepared through the orientation before the experiment. They were made to feel that it was their prison and they would likely experience the hostilities from the prisoners at some point. In the prison the guards found resistance from the prisoners through rebellions led by some of the prisoners such as Prisoner 8612. The roles of the guards were based on the rule of maintaining proper prisoner behavior. Therefore, the guards acted to the cropping rebellion as it was anticipated of them in the prison environment. Moreover, the guards had an administration manager who acted as the superintendent in the prison hence, they were focused to implement the rules and regulations formulated by their leader. Lastly, the personal attributes created by the resiliency of the prisoners behind the wall foresaw the direct fitting of the guards into their roles and responsibilities. They simply acted upon the reactions of the prisoners and within their set conduct.
Cause of the Brutality among the Guards
The nature of the guards in the administration of the prison was the major cause for the extreme brutality or harsh treatment of the prisoners. Also, the prisoners were violent which was foreseen as their nature in prison environment. The prisoner talked rudely and rebelled against the guards with the purpose of getting out of the prison in reality claiming that they were not comfortable with the prison life. The adopted the provocative and humiliating approach in order to be able to suppress the violent nature of the prisoners. Therefore, the nature of prison environment was the primary cause for the brutality, dehumanization and violence among the guards. This nature of the Stanford Prison environment was meant to correct the inmates.
Variation in the experiment results
Bearing in mind that the participants in this experiment were middle to upper-class, well-educated young white males, the results of the experiment would have changed dramatically if a different group of participants was used. In essence, the well-educated young white males espoused the traits that are common with the elite group in the society. One of the most outstanding features of this kind of group is the fact that the members are aware of their rights and freedoms which are legally entitled to them. In the film it is clear that the violation of the inmates’ freedom of speech and movement is received in bitter protests. In one of the scenarios, the half-naked prisoners protest bitterly against the subjection to humiliating activities when they are driven out of their cells. Actually, two of the most rebellious inmates (no. 8612& no. 819) make an effort to resist against the ill-treatment and they seek support and solidarity from their fellow inmates. As a result, they are commanded to spend long hours in a dark enclosure referred to as the "hole”. It i...
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