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Hamlet (Movie Review Sample)


The task entailed an analysis of the play according to the stated sections

Name:Professor:Institution:Date:Title: The Impossibility of Certaintyi. ThesisHamlet, is one of Shakespeare's most powerful and influential plays ever done, continuing to draw huge amounts of support even long after it was first played.ii. Overview1. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark is truly a masterpiece.2. William Shakespeare wrote the play, and it was set in the Kingdom of Denmark. (Billington)3. The Royal Shakespeare Company was the production company responsible for the production. (Sckenda)4. I watched the show on 2nd of January, 2014 at 10.00 pm.5. My sister, felt the play was indecisive depicting Hamlet's inappropriateness in responding to circumstances; however, I think the play is a very good manifestation of the many uncertainties that our lives are built upon.iii. The Event as TheatreA theatre can be defined as the structural building where plays are performed. It offers space for the putting up of a show that is to be seen by an audience. However, in our specific context, theatre would be used to mean the professional occupation that is shared by thousands of passionate individuals. At that, it is a form of art and the practitioners involved in it would be known as artists; given the devotion and dedication that comes with pursuing it.Now watching The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the actors caught my every attention through the plot right from the start. They blended perfectly into their roles, and the practitioners were thorough in filling into those very “shoes” made for them by their director. Furthermore, the play distants itself from the conventional setting, taking note of what is usually assumed by most plays. Jonathan Slinger's (who plays as Hamlet) response, which would usually, be expected to occur in a rather bitter and forceful manner is delayed as he seeks to get a grip of the whole setting. His calmness and precision at such timing contradicts the assumptions of most revenge plays. While his character may look sublime and inappropriate especially following the murder of a relative, at the same time it builds so much anxiety. Slinger's (Hamlet) personality is further emphasized as indecisive as even when he found the King praying; still he was unable to kill him.iv. Plot SummaryHamlet, Prince of Denmark is a revenge drama play with interesting twists with the basic plot of a tragedy. The part where Hamlet sets up a play to test the guilty conscience of the King for killing his father is the most inciting since it serves as a confirmation of what the ghost is telling him. Within the play, most of the conflicts rest with Hamlet, with the major one being that he wants to avenge his father's murder but given the King's protection and power, it is difficult for him to carry out the task. When Hamlet stabs Polonius thinking it is the King hiding, it is the most climactic scene as it feels as though revenge is being served eventually. The denouement of the play is by Fortinbras, a Norwegian prince taking over the Kingdom and ordering Hamlet's body be carried as that of a fallen soldier.v. CharacterApparently Hamlet plays the role of the protagonist as the whole play revolves around him and his thoughts. Moreover, the play is named after him confirming that fact. Nonetheless, it is also very clear that Hamlet is his own worst enemy. His traumatizing thoughts about the murder of his father by Claudius makes him go mad to the extent of almost getting to war with himself.The role of antagonists is played by Claudius given his efforts to murder Hamlet after killing the father and taking the throne that ought to have been Hamlet' ThemeThe meaning of the play is that simple actions are not always as simple as they sound but revenge is sweet.vii. Literary Quality (Diction)The entire play is composed of sections of with the use of poetry to break the monotony language flow such as “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Shakespeare) Symbolism can also be witnessed with the use of a ghost to signify death.viii. Music and MusicalityBesides the silence for building the tension and suspense of the audience, edgy beats are often used in the background to further support the theme.ix. SpectacleThe costumes used by the cast had bright colors, which worked to attract attention from the ...
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