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All Quiet on the Western Front Analysis Paper History Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


illustrating that World war i was a total war using the movie "All Quiet on the Western Front Analysis Paper"


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All Quiet on the Western Front Analysis Paper
Wars change people`s perspective, and there is no escape from it. It brings unnecessary violence and suffering to society as seen in World War 1, which was a total war. The film “All Quiet on the Western Front” is adapted from Erich Maria Remarque novel, a German national. Although the movie depicted sympathetic views about German soldiers, it gained popularity with the American audience. The film illustrates the events of World War I through the eyes of a German soldier fighting in the war. The movie has played an integral role in shaping a lasting image of war and focuses on the humanity of men at war. The film shows the effects of World War 1 and how it changes the lives of everybody involved in the fight. It follows the narrative of a group of young German soldiers who hurry to enlist in the First World War. It shows their gradual change from ambitious young people to lost and disillusioned soldiers. Furthermore, the movie depicts the dynamics of the society during the war, and it affected the pacifist movement.
Before we discuss the contents of the movie, it is fundamental that we examine what inspiration behind the film by analyzing both the author of the novel and the director of the film. When the war started, Erich Maria Remarque was 16 years old. Unlike his fellow age mates, he was not eager to volunteer for the war and stayed put until 1916 when he was sent to the Western Front. Erich was injured in the fight and repatriated back to a hospital in Germany. Lewis Milestone was born in Russia and came to the United States before World War I and started making films. Remarque was injured several times and after the war worked as a teacher and sports director before publishing the novel. It is equally important to note that when the Nazi came to power in the 1930s, they destroyed and banned Remarque`s books and he had to immigrate to the United States (Chambers 380).

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