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“Weapons of Influence” Review (Movie Review Sample)


Source: Hacking Your Mind:
Several of the clips have a lot to do with Social Psych concepts that we've been talking about. If you want to watch one or more of the short clips, and write up your thoughts,
So scroll down to Extras and you can see the topics they are testing. There were interesting ways they tested the concepts, as well. Enjoy! It will be available until next weekend.


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“Weapons of Influence” Review
Produced and directed by Oregon Public Broadcasting, “Weapons of Influence” is a documentary that offers an insight into different ways the human mind can be influenced and controlled. The information technology revolution has exposed people to a torrent of advertisements displayed on social media platforms. Considering their systematic infallibility, human minds can be controlled by influencing their emotions through social media.
The documentary seems to propose that human beings are not fully rational in making decisions. Daniel Kahneman, Tversky, Richard Thaler, and many others argue that people decide on things based on their emotions and feelings, which makes their choices less logical. For instance, the financial crisis of 2007–2008 was a result of irrational decisions that left more than six million people homeless in the United States. The victims were deceived by the social media-led campaigns of house financing based on mortgages. Politicians such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have manipulated people's opinions in recent times with the help of the media. The corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, and others have accessed the personal data of millions of people. Besides, general public depends on the information they read on these sites. The social media influencers and hackers take this data and use it to control their minds.
Therefore, it is quite cons

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