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The Paper Was A Movie Analysis In The Context Of Sports Psychology (Movie Review Sample)


The Paper Was A Movie Analysis In The Context Of Sports Psychology

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Movie analysis: Rudy the Movie
Movie Plotline
Rudy is one of the best sports movies in the history as also termed as a motivational movie by most of the viewers. The main character Rudy grew up in Illinois a region called Joliet and he always dreamt of becoming a football player at Notre Dame University. Rudy worked hard in the local high school team. However, he was unable to join the Notre Dame University because of poor grades and money. Additionally, he lacked the stature and talent that was necessary to enable him to play American football. Rudy’s father Daniel Sr. is a fan of Notre Dame and has steel mill where older brothers to Rudy Ruettiger work. Rudy’s best friend named Pete supported his dream of one day playing for Notre Dame, but he died in an explosion at the Mill.
Fortune, who is a groundskeeper at Notre Dame Stadium offers Rudy an opportunity to work for free and later provides Rudy with key and blanket after realizing that Rudy had been sneaking in and sleeping in the office. D-Bob who is a teaching offers tutoring services to Rudy. He is rejected three times to join the team after being there for two years. His family is happy after Rudy is admitted to the team. The coach retains Rudy in the team but fails to list him on the roster of the players who were to play in different matches. Fortune rebukes Rudy for wanting to give up. He warns Rudy that the action will make him regret the rest of his life. Therefore, he decides to return to the team. Rudy is allowed on the field to play against the Georgia Tech and after the game, he has carried off the field (Luiselli 13).
There are various themes that manifest themselves throughout the movie. The themes that are clear in the movie are mental training, commitment, going for dreams, teamwork, and motivation. These themes have contributed to the success of the movie and making it be among the best in the sports. The movie is of great significance especially in the field of sports psychology because it relates to the things that most of the athletes go through in their lives before they become legends. Rudy is a player who has demonstrated these aspects in the movie and the sacrifices and struggles and the choices he made before getting to be admitted at his favorite football team of Notre Dame University (R. &. Ruettiger 15).
Mental abilities and the physical abilities are the two major components that are present in any athletic competition. The mental training helped Rudy Ruettiger achieve what appeared to many people to be impossible. Rudy lacked the physique that could enable him to become a football player. Fortune told him that he was a hundred and sixty-five pounds and five feet seven inches tall. Rudy was not privileged to have been born with the abilities to become an elite player. To many people, it appeared to be impossible for Rudy to be impossible for Rudy to join Notre Dame as a football player. However, Rudy trained his mind to stay determined and believe that he could achieve anything that he wanted in life.
Goal setting and working toward achieving it is not an easy task, but Rudy worked through. Rudy did not mind about the adversities that he faced in trying to accomplish his goal of playing at Notre Dame. This drive assisted him to stay focused on the goal he had set despite the heavy training and disappointment along the way. The mental attitude in the mind of Rudy played an important role in the accomplishment of this particular goal. Rudy’s refusal to lose focus on the goal and deviate from what he was prepared to accomplish. Confidence and persistence enabled him to accomplish the goal that none thought it was possible for him to accomplish.
Commitment and staying motivated is one of the issues that Rudy was strong. At the field, he was hit many times, but he always got up and gave a try. Rudy was also committed to the team because he made sure that he attended the training session with the other players. The disappointment from the people made him work extra hard to achieve his goal. Rudy was usually motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically. Rudy had always been ready and motivated to play football in his favorite football in history. From his childhood, Rudy wanted to play and knew everything about the team because they watched the team play on the TV. The extrinsic motivation for Rudy is present where despite everyone saying that he was small and ridicule from some of the family members he was still motivated to work hard. Rudy wanted to impress his family and prove them wrong that he was capable of playing in the team. The team members did not believe that Rudy could make it to the team. However, this motivated him never to despair and worked hard to ensure that he was named to play in the team. Fortune also made him realize that it was not good to quit rather work hard and prove only to himself that he could do what others said it is impossible. Rudy’s motivation was also an achievement motivation whereby he tried so much to get good grades at the college so that he can be admitted at the Notre Dame (R. a. Ruettiger 39). The act of being accepted at the Notre Dame was a show of accomplishment to his family. The acceptance brought a sense of happiness to Rudy because he had achieved something that he dreamt of for long. Additionally, despite not getting good grades, he still made an effort with assistance from his tutor friend to get grades that enabled him to secure a chance in Notre Dame. This motivation to go to the next level of life and overcome every barrier that came along was good for Rudy. In fact, the same is depicted in the area where he tried to dress up for the team but constantly got rejected to join the team of the senior. This act motivated him to work more and finally achieved that goal that he had always desired.
Goal setting is when an individual develops an action plan that motivates them and guides them towards the accomplishment of the set goals. Setting goals is not easy, and it always requires strategy on how one is planning to accomplish these goals. Outcome goals are termed as the goals that are not under someone’s control. For instance, Rudy had the desire to play in the team shortly after joining. However, the coach was not listing him in the list of active players. Process goal, on...
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