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The Abortion Divide Social Sciences Movie Review Paper (Movie Review Sample)


The task was about answering several questions concerning the movie 'the abortion divide'.


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1 Write a one-paragraph summary of the film. Paste the link to the video and provide the title of the video at the beginning of your paragraph.
The Abortion Divide
Link of video:
In this documentary film, the abortion is dividing two people who need and deserve abortion access and the well-funded movement colluding with the lawmakers to push it out of reach. Almost all details about the Philadelphia Women’s Center are provided in this film where almost 6,000 pregnancies are terminated in every year. 1983 is a starting point that was a first visit of the writer in Philadelphia to the current time where stories of different women are shown who had visited the abortion clinic and aborted their pregnancies. During this whole film, the activities of protestors of abortion are also viewable.
2 Regarding the film, what information or features cue you into the fact that this is a documentary film about a newsworthy issue? In other words, how does the way in which this director uses elements such as narration, cinematography, music, interviews, etc. indicate the genre of the film?

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