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Program and Episode Summary (Multiple Choice Questions Sample)


Instructions: Answer the following questions. The sample paper below contains answer to multiple questions about a TV show


Question 4
Program and episode summary
Australia Got Talent is an Australian talent reality television show which was premiered on the seven Networks in 2007. The reality TV show which has over the years to inject viewer's eyeballs with of the unfolding singing reality show. The reality TV show is staged on a large platform where every attendant tries to bring out nothing but the best (Sparks, 1992: p.105).
This TV show has evolved overtime in both content and genre. The current reality show has been developed and enhanced to include categorical and specific features. Thus, Australia got talent is a reeling reality of ability and comprehensive competition live from the stage. One way of determining the uniqueness of reality television is the process unfolding of reality programming to dominate broadcasting live schedules of the performers on stage. The aspect of realism and the simulation of reality from the performance e including backstage and other forms of occurrences have revolutionized the whole aspect of reality shows (Sparks, 1992: p.45).
The viewer must have to differentiate between fact and fiction in the performance. The use of narrative documentary techniques, led to the outstanding performance, and views of the reality show Australia Got Talent. The show has also embraced technological advancement to communicate and get feedback from their viewers (Needham, 2007: p. 67).
Close analysis
Reality television shows have emerged to be a favorite show has been a favorite of many Australian’s in the 1990's. Many of the viewers have been fascinated by the view of reality shows as drama unfolds live thus becoming over time a fundamental aspect of pleasure lives (Gousha Company, 1980:p. 23). Reality television shows have for long attracted attention due to their simplicity in the script writing and their longevity. There has emerged a lifelong relationship between loyal viewers and the performance characters. However, this relationship has been cultivated by the recent and evolutionary changes and development of reality television programs in Australia. For example, a close analysis of a reality show in Australia in the 1980's and another one, Australia Got talent, 20 years later has seen developmental milestones in their themes and entertainment modes (Gousha Company, 1980:p. 23).
The viewers through social forum or platform and social media as twitter make their views known to the judges concerning judgments and the performance of actors. Normally in reality television in regards to postmodernism in production bars the performers on what happens from the outside world and usually have no communication with the outside world. This is to enhance originality and performance by making it lively and real. Thus, Australia got talent embraces reality to bring out nothing but the best of both viewers and performers (Needham, 2007: p.56).
The unorthodox unfolding of reality television series, in the show Australia Got Talent is highly acclaimed in that its installment is reconciled with art and reality. The reality show occasionally deepened into melodrama frequently resorting to invariable account. The explanation to the trauma caused by war, sexual abuse and parental neglect has brought the series into the limelight (Mirren, H., Leaver, D., Menaul, et al, 2003: p. 85). The politically charged crimes evident in Australian society today are expressed through reality television shows are evident in the mini drama series. In each episode of the reality show the theme of sexism, racism and pedophilia were present in the drama series. The TV drama depicted sexism in the modern Australian society. Modernity is a hard hitting fact with a dark story (Hirschorn, 2007: p. 56). This is solely because women professionals and actors not only on the reality show have to put up with, but the mental traditional perception that women in any profession are a preserve of the male fraternity (Sparks, 1992: p.45).
The power of the dark, socially conscious ha for long was evident and characterized most of Australian television reality shows. Its power is mostly felt Australia. Even though the mystery was solid and artfully unfolding the main show has been overrated. There are other marvelous performances by Australia Got Talent was, very rampant in both season 1, 2 and 3. Thus, the set Australia got talent is unarguably amongst the pioneers to set a good precedent for other reality television shows in Australia (Sparks, 1992: p.45). It served as the viewer's companion for the evening and entertainment. However critics of the same have given a low score on the production and audience participation. The series was also categorized with a lot of adult contents which are not healthy for all audiences (Sparks, 1992).
Like all television shows of that genre Australia got talent is based upon real people and real life participants. There is thus an inevitable tendency to create characters out of real people. The other genre characteristic of reality television shows is the use of unscripted performance. This genre characteristic of reality shows to employ unscripted performance is because the performers themselves are the basis of the genre script (Needham, 2007: p.78).
The collective attribution has increased the viewer's obsession to view them. This has helped create a system of the reality show families that are also part of the production team through constant feedback and development (Kaminski, 1985: p. 45). The degree of intimacy between the viewers and the production has led to the recent development in the production of reality television shows. Thus, the soap opera aired in 2000 has evolved to retell the story of 1980 in a relatively improved and better way giving it a competitive advantage while at the same time pitying it against the wrath of social morals (Kaminski, 1985: p. 45).
Another characteristic is the voice over narration that seeks to explain to the public the features of a live performance. This is similar to emceeing where the public gets a glimpse of what's happening in the performance by use of voice-over narration usually in the present tense. In most of these performances, reality television has moved towards voyeurism and public support. Audience participation has emerged as a very vital aspect of reality television. Viewers the world over gives their thoughts and feelings towards the same through the mass media and social media has taken over the scene by storm (Needham, 2007: p.56). Viewers have ended taking the role of producers and their opinion usually counts. Thus, they are allowed to vote for their favorite performers.
With the above mentioned characteristics reality television shows have been characterized largely with unscripted and largely lightly edited scripts. The show Australia Got talent is a program that places actual live humorous, challenging and competitive individual in a natural competitive situation where talent is unfolded. Thus it combines documentary with script styling programming with other televisions that makes reality television show an unfolding drama. The same has been applied to the scripted version where documentary and scripted version of the same has been applied to bring out the show Australia got talent natural way (Kyoung-Lae Kang, 2006: p. 45)
Like all reality television shows Australia got talent is the use of documentary style programming which converges reality show by altering its format and incorporating elements of realness and aliveness. Another important factor is the provision of space meant for the participation of acting individuals as outlined in the program. The lack of professional acting in reality television shows also reduces the cost of production as the shows main aim is to project reality in the long run. Thus the home edition of Australia got talent has been characterized with the unfolding of talent between the performers and the viewers themselves thus creating a bond between the audience and the outside world (Kyoung-Lae Kang, 2006: p. 45).
Set primarily in the teen time the reality show is meant to elicit a warm feeling of romance and mixed emotions. In the last episode, Australia got talent emerges as an inspiration to young lovers of reality television but instinctively takes a twist when she acquires a primary self-absorbed prima Dona to other of her thoughtful peers (Parker, S. J., Cattrall, K., et al., 2003: p. 35). Aging viewers watch this last seen as more of a tortured romance that has degenerated into an emotional issue. The feminine generation owes the best to the reality show for bringing the other side of the feminine features when provoked especially emotionally which was traditionally the preserve of the men to play the bad boy features.
"Australia got talent” tried in its best particular this last episode to define and give new power and meaning to womanhood (Parker, S. J., Cattrall, K., et al., 2003: p. 55). Thus, this last episode of Australia Got talent transcends the age of time and the harsh filter of timely occurrences to take a unique trajectory end. However this glorious achievement is short lived. The episodes present scenes that suggest that affects and lowers the female solidarity if they don't come out together. This solidarity is broken by a man who spins a web around the revolutionaries. In this instance the show is meant to revive that feminine dream. Thus, the two proved that the idea of close friendships amongst women as theatrical and not practical as projected by the th...
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