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Leptospirosis Biological & Biomedical Sciences Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task required the writer to describe the natural history of leptospirosis and how disease the presents itself in affected individual progresses overtime without medication. IT was a question and answer task. The sample answers the question


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Describe the natural history of the disease and how disease the presents itself in affected individual progresses overtime without medication
Leptospirosis’ natural history differs with every patient. It can be asymptomatic or mild. Sometimes it can go unrecognized while in some patients, leptospirosis may progress to liver or kidney failure, fatal pulmonary hemorrhage, aseptic meningitis as well as other syndromes. Leptospirosis is contracted through indirect contact with contaminated water or soil or directly through infected animals’ organs or body fluids. Direct exposure happens in the occupational case, whereas indirect contact happens during recreational or travel activities. Leptospirosis occurs in clinical syndromes such as icteric and anicteric. Leptospirosis occurs in two phases; the immune phase and acute phase. The acute phase begins abruptly, and the bacterium is present in the patient’s blood. The acute phase is characterized by nonspecific symptoms and signs like conjunctival suffusion, headache, chills and fever, which makes it challenging to diagnose. The acute phase associates itself with very serious myalgia (Galdino da Silva Junior & Daher, 2020).

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