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Marine bio. Adaptation of Deep Sea Creatures for Survival. (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Visit this weblink below that takes on you on a virtual voyage to the deep sea.
Creatures of the Deep: Take this virtual voyage of the deep sea prior to composing your
initial response.
Then address the following topic: Discuss the obstacles that all deep-water organisms
must overcome for survival and share some specific examples of deep-sea organisms
and the adaptations they possess that aid them in managing in this inhospitable
Part 2: In your own words, answer the following questions. (100-word minimum)
1. Discuss the importance of artificial reeds.
2. What does desalinization mean


Adaptation of Deep Sea Creatures for Survival
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Adaptation of deep sea creatures for survival
The deep sea exhibits the most extreme environments on earth. It is dark, cold and has high water pressure. In the deep, sunlight penetration is limited and the animals have adapted to create light through bioluminescence process (Knight, 2019). They have the specialized organs called photospheres that has two chemicals luciferin and luciferase (catalyzed) which mix in the presence of oxygen to give blue-green light, e.g., the giant squid and coelacanth. Blue-green light travels fast in the water, and most organisms are sensitive to it.

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