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A dissertation outline (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Writing a business outline to be used for developing a dissertation. source..
OUTLINE. Topic: Implementing E-procurement in Iraqi Oil Sector Abstract: Provide a brief introduction giving brief details about oil in Iraq. Acknowledgment: Give appreciations to people who were Important to your studies. Table of Contents followed by List of figures or Tables is necessary. 1. CHAPTER ONE 1 Introduction 1 Introduce the topic of study, in this case, clearly discuss the aspect of procurement and how it was done, and your idea on e-procurement. 2 Statement of problem: In this section, you identify the main problem leading to the study. What are some of the problems that arises from the procurement processes that e-procurement seeks to solve? 3 Research Questions: In this section you introduce the main research questions necessary to develop this study topic. For example, How fast will procurements be made when e-procurement is used in Oil sector? What are some advantages accrued in implementing e-procurement? You will develop relevant questions you feel will be necessary to enable the research meet its objectives. 1.4 Objectives of study: Discuss the benefits tied to e-procurement. 1.5 Theoretical framework: Discuss the models and key procedures that will be Essential in developing this topic 1.6 Definition of terms: In this place you define complex expressions used in your Work. Note that you do not define vocabulary here. For example you will Explain what e-procurement is all abo...
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