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A dissertation outline (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Writing a business outline to be used for developing a dissertation. source..
OUTLINE. Topic: Implementing E-procurement in Iraqi Oil Sector Abstract: Provide a brief introduction giving brief details about oil in Iraq. Acknowledgment: Give appreciations to people who were Important to your studies. Table of Contents followed by List of figures or Tables is necessary. 1. CHAPTER ONE 1 Introduction 1 Introduce the topic of study, in this case, clearly discuss the aspect of procurement and how it was done, and your idea on e-procurement. 2 Statement of problem: In this section, you identify the main problem leading to the study. What are some of the problems that arises from the procurement processes that e-procurement seeks to solve? 3 Research Questions: In this section you introduce the main research questions necessary to develop this study topic. For example, How fast will procurements be made when e-procurement is used in Oil sector? What are some advantages accrued in implementing e-procurement? You will develop relevant questions you feel will be necessary to enable the research meet its objectives. 1.4 Objectives of study: Discuss the benefits tied to e-procurement. 1.5 Theoretical framework: Discuss the models and key procedures that will be Essential in developing this topic 1.6 Definition of terms: In this place you define complex expressions used in your Work. Note that you do not define vocabulary here. For example you will Explain what e-procurement is all about with relevant citations. 1.7 Limitations and Delimitations, Assumptions etc. Here you define any Exceptions In you study according to their availability. 1.7 Chapter Summary and provide transition to the next section. 2. CHAPTER TWO 2 Background Study 2.1 Introduce this section defining what it will contain. 2.2 Give a case study or background study of other researchers work here. You group them appropriately. Those with similar opinions and those that differ. 2.3 Summarize your opinion on the review of literature. Give transition to the next section. 3. CHAPTER THREE 3 Methodology and design 4 Introduction discussing what will be entailed in this chapter. You will review the research questions briefly and possibly develop hypothesis statements depending on the nature of study. 5 Methods to be used in this study proposal. Key should be the primary techniques you are to use in collection of data related to relationship marketing and how it affects customer loyalty. You will have to specify the most appropriate methods to be used. Interviewin...
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