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An Analysis of a Marketing Mix for VIVA Bahrain Business Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paper shows how VIVA Bahrain is performing and at the same time offers suggestions on how the firm can undertake to better their service delivery in the market. Therefore, incorporating the marketing mix to the latter increase both local and international subscribers because their needs are addressed in a satisfactory point of view.


An Analysis of a Marketing Mix for VIVA Bahrain
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An Analysis of a Marketing Mix for VIVA Bahrain
Historically, in January 2009, the “Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain” was able to publicize that the STC won the third mobile network working certificate in a proposal valued BD 86.7 Million (IBP, Inc, 2015). STC recognized STC Bahrain in 2009, but gave it a new name as VIVA as of January 2010. Therefore, VIVA Bahrain is under the management of the subsidiary of Saudi Telecommunications Company in relation to the launch of its services in March 2010 with the objective of changing the telecommunications landscape within the Kingdom of Bahrain (IBP, Inc, 2015). The firm has become the market leader as it has effectively impacted the telecommunications market by changing the way it undertakes its services. The organization has been at the lead of invention by coming up with the modern advanced tools first along with having come up with a all-inclusive “Wholesale and Enterprise portfolio” with nationwide and global amenities.
PESTEL Analysis
Political Factors
1 Adverse effect of political policies
2 Regulation challenges come up frequently where the government has one idea on how telecoms should be handled and the citizens has another.
3 A battle for and against net objectivity is oscillating
Economic Factors
1 Fluctuations in currency markets
2 The desire for everything to be available and accessible 24/7 is growing in a rapid perspective.
3 Client service representatives are hired through websites live chat and it is apparent that marketers, writers and media administrators handle online advertising and operations.
4 Growth is dependent on the market and technological advancements
Social Factors

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