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Business. Business & Marketing Research Coursework Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Step #1 - Select a business or corporation that is a MONOPOLY.  The business or
corporation may be local, national or international.
Step #2 - Oral Presentation on the research findings (Power Point Presentation) (June 29 in our
Zoom online classroom)
Step #3 - Submission of a typed report (2-3 pages) July 05 th in our Assignment submission
Folder for week 9.
What’s involved? - Business terms, definitions, principles, and concepts found in the textbook
and discussed in class must be used.  Also, use your creativity.
What should be included? – 
I. History – When? Where? Founders? Products? Business Philosophy,
II. Leadership/Management Style – Who or what led to the company’s success or failure? 
EXAMPLE: Facebook –Founder, Bill Gates – Microsoft, or Walt Disney – Disney, Apple –
Steve Jobs etc.
III. Financials – Stock market figures (3 mo., 12 mo., 5 yrs.) and sales figures. Revenues…
IV Barriers to Entry – Explain some of the barriers to entry, e.g Technical, Legal and
Economic. How do these barriers affect others from entering in the market/industry?
V. Criticism of Monopolies – Are there any criticisms by others in the industry, market or
society in general who have strong feelings for or against this business?,
VI. Conclusion – Do you see success or failure in the future?


Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Selection of Business: PAGEREF _Toc43813642 \h 1History: PAGEREF _Toc43813643 \h 1Product: PAGEREF _Toc43813644 \h 1Business Philosophy: PAGEREF _Toc43813645 \h 1Leadership and Management Style: PAGEREF _Toc43813646 \h 2Financial Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc43813647 \h 2Barriers to Entry: PAGEREF _Toc43813648 \h 3Criticism on NIKE, Inc.: PAGEREF _Toc43813649 \h 3Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc43813650 \h 3References PAGEREF _Toc43813651 \h 4
Selection of Business:
Nike, Inc. considered the example of monopoly because they didn’t have the exact product as their competitors such as Under Armour and Adidas.
Nike company was established as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and his student Phil Knight. Bill Bowerman was a track and field coach at Oregon University. It’s first retail store were opened in 1966 and later on in 1972 launched the shoe brand as ‘Nike’. In 1978 it was renamed as Nike, Inc. and currently successfully operating more than 170 countries around the globe. (Nike News - History News, 2020)
From 1980s Nike continuing growing its business through new and diversified product lines and acquisition of new brands such as Cole Haan and Converse, Inc. Canstar Sports, Inc., and Umbro.

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