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Digital Marketing Communications. Business & Marketing (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the assignment required to develop a real life DMC plan as a report. I was to take the role of a dmc consultant for an organization of my choice.
Sample provides a report on the same and the chosen organization is air bnb.


Digital Marketing Communication
Name of Student
Institution Affiliation
Executive Summary
Throughout the study we are going to establish the basic of digital management communication. As I am the DMC of the esteemed company. I will establish a viable plan for the provided company. Also I will also provide various different information about the digital communication process at Airbnb and also various aspect of digital marketing. Also I will provide proper referencing for the information I provide and I will complete the task with a introduction and conclusion
Report Introduction
Digital innovation communication is possible each year in the modern environment. Look at all social networking sites and think about how to choose the best one for a product. Nevertheless, physical contact goes beyond social media and explores the material of the Internet and the eNewsletter. The majority of company owners speak about interest, but they don't have the resources to develop a coherent approach for digital communication. Therefore, today we should look at the value of this initiative and propose a remedy for citizens in the modern environment who fail to find time to connect.
Introduction of Airbnb
Airbnb links local hosts to visitors from across the globe. Airbnb's vast listing collection is the location for a traveler or visitor. You pick a space perfect for your mood. A venue for relaxing and rest, like a restaurant, is billed to the host. Except for guests, hotels may compare with an exclusive, low-cost experience. While the business concept of Airbnb has influenced the journey experience, the hiccups are not enough (Zach et al., 2020).
SWOT analysis of Airbnb
In more than 190 countries, Airbnb is available. It's over thirty thousand cities. For more than 1 million items, you can search the time to spare. That's how many are available. The rooms and houses are individual, Airbnb is unique. If someone who is dying to spend some time at a cosy, Bohemian-style home, it's set. Let's presume the client is shifting their mind the following day. Now they are after an apartment with views of the area, with windows on the ground and polished white marble. The organization has spread quickly around the globe. No signs of stopping are seen (Zott & Amit, 2017).
Airbnb is faced with issues resulting from rental regulations and breaches of the law. Hosts are charged for a specific time, providing their spaces. It looks like easy money, and who doesn't want quick cash? This way of thought causes people to sell rooms and guest houses in contravention of their housing regulations. In other terms, their places for rent are not permitted, but they are still identified. Perhaps they don't ask. There is a provision to hire out the space for benefit in individual lease contracts. Maybe until they name their location, the occupant doesn't realize. Perhaps they don't know, so nobody's going to remember. Nonetheless, citizens are conscious. And the amount is charged by Airbnb.
Airbnb's cities are growing up. Of starters, San Francisco updated its housing policies and legislation. There are now legal lists of Airbnb. It takes legal responsibility off the hands of the client. So it applies a bit on the hosts that after earning a check, they have to be duly licensed and pay taxes. It is better than ever for visitors or hosts to connect. Airbnb is selling a two-way smartphone device. More citizens are using their phones to showroom ratings and listings. It is fair for both sides to speak at a glance. Airbnb, as a whole, is its chance. Hotels are not convenient because they are expensive and noisy (Huang et al., 2020). There are so many of them with three or fewer stripes. A hotel focused on quality, and ideally, it's OK you are more likely to pick. The biggest threat for Airbnb is to provide low-cost overnight housing for hotels. The corporation recognized a need and fulfilled it.

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