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An Internet Marketing Plan for Direct Relief Marketing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


An Internet Marketing Plan for Direct Relief


Internet Marketing Plan
Mandy Greer
Liberty University
Greenpeace is a non-for-profit organization that deals in the conservation of the environment in arid and semi-arid areas. They engage in activities such as tree planting, digging boreholes for communities, flowering, fencing homes, and providing irrigational services among other things. The organization needs to adopt technology to inform the public about their course. They need to partner with a team of scientists to brief them about the changing geological factors in arid areas and the state of global warming. They also need to reach their new clients who reside in towns but would like to move to rural areas. By adopting a well-structured internet plan, Greenpeace can fasten its managerial activities that will ultimately help them achieve a win-win situation. They will be able to consult very innovative thinkers and quickly engage their current and prospective clients to support this great cause. The internet marketing plan will capture the below described approaches based on the fact that the organization is embracing technology.
An Internet Marketing Plan for Direct Relief
Company Description
Greenpeace is a non-for-profit organization. It majorly deals with arid and semi-arid areas conservation. Greenpeace uses the profits raised in their activities to provide relief items such as food, clothing, and shelter to orphans and widows, providing free education for those who are unable to pay a fee, digging boreholes to communities residing in arid and semi-arid areas, and much more. The organization is reasonably known but are yet to adopt the internet marketing strategy. The fact that it operates mostly in rural areas makes it difficult for the management to access the prospective clients who are mostly business operators within big towns. Thus, having been a beneficiary of Greenpeace during my schooling days, I have made efforts to reach out to the management and informed them about the importance of creating an internet marketing plan. Being in line with my work, I accepted the organization’s offer to me to develop a favorable internet marketing plan. The developed internet market plan contains strategies that majorly focuses on analyzing the existing market opportunities to identify target stakeholders and designing communication and management of partner relationship strategies.
The internet marketing approaches
Search Engine Optimization
This marketing plan technique forms the foundation of a well-established internet marketing strategy. This technique is used to create and host content that involves a combination of words and phrases that appear to be more specific that can be possibly identified by the online search engines. Hosted contents, in this case, can include features such as blog posts and newsletters, all which are useful in aiding the business to make communication with its current and prospective customers and on the same time ensuring that their online visibility is enhanced. This technique for marketing services is efficient and effective because of its long-term strategies ideal, and for that matter, it can be of vital importance to businesses entering the market for the first time and those that are pursuing a stronger establishment within the market.

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