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Advertising and Marketing Business & Marketing Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Advising craft company on how to market and advertise its product so as to gain competitive advantage


Advertising and Marketing
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Craft Company is a company that aims to produce a new product known as a powered jigsaw. It aims at getting the right strategies to gain the competitive advantage and get the intended market for their new product (, 2008). There is a need to explore and analyze the company’s PEST and SWOT analysis for the craft company to reach its goals (, 2018). The review will help the company to determine if manufacturing of the product is a good idea or not
The craft company is financially stable. The company strongly believes in influencing the purchasing power of a consumer through advertisements. It, therefore, fully supports the advertisement program. Its ads are meant to appear in brochures and woodworking magazines given to executives at stores such as home depot and Wal-Mart.
The company’s products get ranked in the second and third position after the best-selling brands. It might signify the average performance of the company in the manufacturing industry. The company uses plastics in the manufacturing of almost all products and but the price of the plastics tend to be inflating due to geographical problems worldwide.

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