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Haribo Jelly Sweets: A Market Report Business & Marketing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


A First-year Marketing and advertising report that examines the marketing communication of a household name. Haribos was chosen for the purposes of this report.


104MKT: Communications for Marketing and Advertising
Haribo Jelly Sweets: A Market Report
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Word Count: 1557
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc475030942 \h 32.Marketing Communications PAGEREF _Toc475030943 \h 33.Haribo’s Communication Objectives PAGEREF _Toc475030944 \h 34.Haribo’s Target Audience PAGEREF _Toc475030945 \h 45.Promotional Tools and Materials PAGEREF _Toc475030946 \h 56.Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc475030947 \h 77.Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc475030948 \h 8
1 Introduction
Haribo is the largest manufacturer of fruit confectionery products in the world (Haribo, 2017). Since 1920, the company has not only become a household name but has built its brand strength, becoming a family favourite (Haribo, 2016). This market report will examine the marketing communication (i.e. promotion mix) of the household name.
2 Marketing Communications
Market communications, (often referred to as the promotion mix); lies within the marketing mix as a principle of marketing (Burnett, 2008). It comprises of ‘methods, processes, meanings, perceptions and actions that are associated with the different ways in which products and brands are presented, considered and developed with audiences’ (Fill, 2013: 3). Marketing communication’s intent is to exhibit an impelling, persuasive message that bolsters the total offer made by the marketer (Burnett, 2008). That is, all marketing communication aims to create a uniqueness in the mind of the target audience (Burnett, 2008). Messages can be conveyed through media, as an example, or any method which conveys marketing communications (Fill, 2013).

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