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Introduction of BMW Motorrad X2City in Australia (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The sample paper is a business plan written for the BMW motorrad x2city. The company is thinking of expanding its business in Australia. This is the preferred business plan for the company.


Introduction of BMW Motorrad X2City in Australia
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Executive Summary
BMW is focusing on introducing electric kick-scooters in Australia. The kick-scooter is a premium product, which has zero emission. The paper initially focuses on the steps, which are required during the development of a marketing plan. A detailed analysis of the overall marketing and financial objective of the organization are also discussed in this paper, which is related to the project of BMW. A detail SWOT analysis is helpful for the organization to identify the possible opportunities and threats and its internal strength and weakness. An overall marketing mix and digital promotion strategy have been discussed which is helpful for the organization to place its product in the market and promote effectively. The last part of the paper consists of further action plan along with the implementation and controlling of the strategies.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc493092438 \h 2Introduction of BMW Motorrad X2City in Australia PAGEREF _Toc493092439 \h 4Objective of the Paper PAGEREF _Toc493092440 \h 4Marketing Plan PAGEREF _Toc493092441 \h 4SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc493092442 \h 5Competitor Analysis PAGEREF _Toc493092443 \h 6Marketing Objectives PAGEREF _Toc493092444 \h 8Financial Objectives PAGEREF _Toc493092445 \h 8Table 1: Sales of Motorrad PAGEREF _Toc493092446 \h 8Table 2: Cost of Goods Sold PAGEREF _Toc493092447 \h 9Marketing Mix Strategy PAGEREF _Toc493092448 \h 9Digital Marketing Communication Plan PAGEREF _Toc493092449 \h 11Action Plan PAGEREF _Toc493092450 \h 11Implementation and Control of Marketing Plan PAGEREF _Toc493092451 \h 11Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc493092452 \h 12References PAGEREF _Toc493092453 \h 13
Introduction of BMW Motorrad X2City in Australia
BMW is a German company, which manufactures the luxury vehicle, motorcycle, engine, and sports car. It is one of the leading automobile manufacturing organizations across the globe, which is able to establish a unique brand identity by its high-end product and target elite group of customers. (BMWGroup, 2017). In order to expand its business operation, the company is targeting Australia to launch a new product, which is Motorrad X2City. It is a kick-scooter, which has a special feature of zero-emissions mobility and it provides a smooth electric auxiliary drive (Press Kit, 2017). The kick-scooter is going to launch at the end of 2017. BMW set an expected price range of the product which is less than € 2,500 (ETAuto, 2017).
Marketing Plan
BMW is going to introduce a kick-scooter, which runs on electric. The name of the product is Motorrad X2City. It is necessary for the organization to design a strong and well-balanced marketing plan to ensure the success of the launching of this product. The concept of a marketing plan is a detail process developed by the top management of the business organization, in order to design all possible strategies, which can be implemented by the firm (Duermyer, 2017). In order to introduce a new product in the existing market, BMW must initially do a broad situation analysis so that they can have an overview of the current scenario of the Australian market. With the help of this situation analysis, the organization will be able to recognize possible external opportunities that will help in the designing a detail marketing plan which is helpful in expansion of both product line and its business as well.
The second step of the marketing plan consists of describing the target audience about the product that is BMW X2City. It is helpful for the organization to understand the buying pattern and choice of the customer, which is supportive in designing an effective marketing and promotion strategy.
The third step consists of setting well-specified goals and objectives, which the organization is planning to achieve. The fourth and the final step related to the marketing plan is to develop several marketing communication strategies that will help BMW to establish their business of X2City kick-scooters in Australia (Entrepreneur, 2015).
SWOT Analysis


BMW is one of the top most luxury automotive brand across the globe.
The diverse operation present in different geographical areas, the company does not any effect in the revenue stream.
Competence in hybrid and electric cars.
Perfect engineering leads to a premium quality product, which provides an excellent driving experience.
Perfect plan to meet the future trends and encounters.

Increase debts of the organization.
Less product differentiation.
High level of investment in research and innovation may sometimes lead to the over usage of capital.
High labor cost for skilled engineers.
High maintenance cost of the vehicles.



Rise in the price of fuel in the upcoming future.
Increase in the demand for autonomous vehicles.
Weakening in the euro exchange rate.
The release of the time and frequency of a new model.

Increase in the level of competition within the automotive industry across the globe.
Increase in the introduction of rules and regulations passed by the government that may lead to the rise in cost.
Declination of the demand for the automobile industry can be observed in U.S. regions.

(Source: Jurevicius, 2016)
Competitor Analysis
Name of the company

Year of establishment

Key products and services

Annual Revenue/ Operating income (2016)

Key Strategies


1909 (Neq, 2017).

Luxury vehicles (Audi, 2017).

€ 59,317 million (Audi, 2017)

Audi concentrates on making innovated cars with the latest technology and provides a high level of customer service. Customer satisfaction is the strategy that Audi follows (Bhasin, 2016).


1927 (Volvocars, 2017)

Trucks, Construction equipment, buses, financial services and marine and industrial engines (Volvocars, 2017).

SEK 20.8 billion (Volvogroup, 2017)

The key strategy is to provide value added service for the target customers and manufacture automobiles that are in demand (Volvogroup, 2017).

Volkswagen AG...

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