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The Collaboration of Technology, Communication, and Information in Healthcare (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task required a demonstration of low-tech solutions and communication strategies to the practice of medicine.
a video link was provided that was to be watched and then post at least two full paragraphs that relate to Communication and Health Care.


The collaboration of Technology, Communication, and Information in Healthcare
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A Warm Embrace That Saves Lives
Communication is an essential element in the healthcare industry. Alignment of this concept is very significant towards realizing adequate health care for patients. Integration of technology has also significantly benefited the health fraternity. However, its attribution of high cost has disadvantaged many of the healthcare seekers. The most affected group are the local communities in the rural, intensive research has been emancipated towards discovering cheaper technology that can increase services to the locals. For instance, it is of tremendous improvement to see how Jane Chen came up with an alternative invention to alleviate the problem of premature babies for the rural mothers of India. The introduction of the warm embrace that saves lives is simple and easy as it is just a baby sleeping back fixed with a wax that is melted in every four to six hours to maintain the hypothermic condition for the incubation of the premature is very economical and efficient as it can be used by the mothers and midwives repeatedly after sterilization. To greater heights, it has emancipated the survival chances of the infants and decreased their mortality. Effective communication is the key to the efficient health delivery. In regards to this, the rural population of India has a role to expand their utilization of health resources available to them. In clarification 

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