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Culture in Revolt Education Research Paper Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


lease use only the papers attached and the movie to completes the answers
Culture in Revolt: #1: Nietzsche and Black Swan
• Watch the Movie “Black Swan” (2010)
• Use notes Provided
• Please do not use research off the Internet for this assignment. YOU SHOULD NOT USE EXTERNAL INTERNET SOURCES. YOU DO NOT NEED TO QUOTE ANYONE. THIS SHOULD BE SOLELY IN YOUR WORDS. It will pass through anti-plagiarism software; I will give you more credit for your own ideas. Use your ideas based on my lectures on Nietzsche.
• Please use the character’s names.
• Please be grammatical and spell correctly. If you are unsure, use Grammarly from the library’s database.


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Culture in Revolt
Section 1:
The Black Swan is a twisted American horror movie, which requires the audience to pay critical attention to almost every aspect of the stage to get a proper understanding of the entire film. It entails plot twists and characters of different behaviors. After watching the video, it is evident that two groups of characters, the Dionysian and Apollonian, are present. Though implicitly expressed in the video, a keen viewer would note the sorts of characters who could be grouped into either the two mentioned groups.
Some of the memorable instances in the movie are when Nina is asked to take off her shrug, and the audience sees the scratches on her back. This is at the start of the ballet, where Nina first displays her hallucination characters to the viewers. Even though the audience do not know the real history behind such scratches, some try to guess that all these marks might have been caused by her psycho practices. Black Swan is a film which needs re-watching again and again, to understand the real meaning behind some things viewed in the play. Additionally, by showing the imperfection in Nina, the writer of the film gives the readers a proper understanding of what Nietzsche meant by being a Dionysian. One trait that qualifies Nina to be described as such is the presence of scratches at the back. According to the physiologist Nietzsche, Dionysian are easily identified by the flaw they have in their personalities. It is arguably right to mention that the scratches might have been symbolically used in this piece to demonstrate to the audiences the real characters of Nina. As seen from the play, she stays in a more depressing situation, though, she is also perfect in her performances. Despite all the best experiences she has had in her profession, she seems to bog down by her failures. Throughout the entire video, Nina is displayed as a character with mixed emotions and behaviors. Even though she revealed psycho aspects, Nina remains an adorable character in the play.

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