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E-PORTFOLIO (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Using the Internet to research a minimum of five forms of current technology that can be used as part of instructional delivery in the classroom.ANALYSING modern educational innovation methods, Education relies heavily on technology which is known as hybrid learning. Learners aim to build networks in order to support the learning process. DISCUSSING ICTE Standards. Incorporating Instructional Technology With Equity source..
E-PORTFOLIO Student name: Course: Institution: Professor: Date: My discussion post  E-PORTFOLIO HYBRID EDUCATION Recent global events have produced policies such as social distancing which have introduced modern educational innovation methods that adopted video links . Collaborative workspaces displayed the reality of the classroom of the future. Education relies heavily on technology which is known as hybrid learning. Hybrid education focuses on flexibility and it can be used in new technology tools built for adults, college learning programs, and K 12 classes. Students can access the work through workspaces. ICTE Standards It enables students to solve issues by producing modern solutions. The teacher acts as a collaborator with students to engage and discover new digital technology.  EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Learning technology is the strength of many prosperous remote or hybrid classroom. There are a variety of tech tools for tutors to select from, common education technology tools include Google Classroom. Education technology is important because it allows teachers to control their online lessons, by acting as a digital storehouse for various virtual teaching materials. Education technology software enables learners to access online courses, online textbooks, and digital resources. These tools provide opportunities for students who need adaptive support to learn at their own pace and discover forms that suit their learning style. ICTE Standards Learners aim to build networks in order to support the learning process. Here teachers display cultural competency when interacting with learners and colleagues. VIDEO CONFERENCING Most personal computers have inbuilt web cameras which are applicable for remote learning. Smart video cameras, such as The Meeting Owl Pro, are 360° webcams that rotate to follow whoever is speaking. Webcams are Smart video cameras that are best implemented during remote activities to enhance learner engagement, such as lectures and presentations (Myers 2021). Learners who require adaptive support can join the class from home and can easily see and hear their tutor and fellow learners, giving remote students the feeling that they’re in the room as well to support student connections further. They are part of a hybrid learning model that makes interactions between students more natural and accessible. Online textbooks are a technology resource for small hybrid classes. It is up to the teacher to determine the number of virtual resources that are important in a remote class. ICTE Standards The student standard is becoming a computational thinker by improving strategies for comprehending issues to solve problems. The standard here for teachers is creating authentic, learning environments that support diversity. BUNCEE Another tool is Buncee which comprehends how much knowledge learners learn if they’re involved, therefore this tool simplifies engagement with students. Tutors produce activities that their class will enjoy with over 1000 templates, and learners obtain badges as they finish their work. Buncee also improves collaboration with discussion functionality. Nearpod focus on multimedia displays to increase student engagement. There exists more than 450 VR tutorials, divided into subject and grade level (Boyarsky 2021). Guide learners to explore oceans or for a museum look at the world wars. ICTE Standards The student standard is knowledge...
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