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Interview between School Manager and Junior Teacher for Elementary School (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is a question and answer interview between a school manager and a junior teacher for elementary school.


574 Field Interview
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574 Field Interview
Q: What are the latest trends in managing an elementary classroom?
A: There are numerous ways of gaining control of the class as the teacher. One is carefully managing the seating arrangement. This can be done by grouping students according to their abilities (Beaver, Wyatt & Jackson, 2017). You can place students with learning difficulties in front so that you can easily monitor their progress.
Q: There are several ways, which a teacher can use to increase students’ understanding and create interest in specific areas. Which are the most effective methods a teacher can employ to meet this objective?
A: The teacher needs to focus on the learner's abilities and choose teaching materials appropriately. For instance, the choice of textbooks and other teaching aids should align with the students’ level (Beaver et al., 2017). Picture bo

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