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Electrical engineering design. Engineering Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the task was on the design of a water level indicator, to indicate 5 water levels using mosfets.


TOC \h \z \c "Figure" Figure 1: MOSFET characteristics PAGEREF _Toc531849257 \h 8
Figure 2: MOSFET characteristics simulated in PSpice PAGEREF _Toc531849258 \h 8
Figure 3: IV characteristics of the LED PAGEREF _Toc531849259 \h 10
Figure 4: Circuit Design PAGEREF _Toc531849260 \h 11
Figure 5: Circuit, water replaced by a resistor. PAGEREF _Toc531849261 \h 13
Figure 6: PSpice Simulation Results showing Voltage bias points PAGEREF _Toc531849262 \h 14
Figure 7: PSpice Simulation Results showing Current bias points PAGEREF _Toc531849263 \h 15
The alarming rate of water wastage calls for a need to develop solutions that aim at preserving water through level indication to prevent overflow. This project presents the design of a water level indicator using MOSFETS and LED displays. MOSFETS will be used as switches and LED will be used to indicate the different levels. The simple circuit will activate an alarm which will make noise at a particular level of water in the tank. The circuit works on the principle that water conducts electricity and therefore can be used to switch on or switch off the circuit. When water level changes, signals are send to different circuits such as LED to display the level and necessary action taken. The current system will indicate when the tank is full by switching on the alarm to give an alert.
Water level indicator gives information about the water level in a water reservoir. The system is vital for reducing water wastage resulting from overflow when filling such containers. The water level indicator employs a simple mechanism in detection and indication of water level in the tank. Sensing is achieved by probes placed at different level in the reservoir. The current report involves a water indicator equipped to detect and indicate 5 levels. An alarm is incorporated to give an alarm when the tank is full. This circuit can be implemented in large water tanks and water coolers to indicate the water level.

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