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A Memorable Ordeal (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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People gathered in a small village early one morning, their faces revealing a clear reflection of disappointment, anger, and near despair. The night before, the villagers had lost several goats and poultry. Because bad news spreads quickly, the news of the missing animals quickly reached all corners of the village. This was not the first occurrence of its kind, nor was it the second or third. Just over five months ago, an unknown number of chickens were stolen from the village's southern outskirts, never to be found. Despite several theories, the mystery of the disappearances remained unsolved.


A Memorable Ordeal
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A Memorable Ordeal
One early morning, people gathered in a small village with their faces showing a clear reflection of disappointment, anger, and near despair. The villagers had lost several goats and poultry the night before. Bad news is prone to spreading fast, so did the news of the missing animals reach all quarters of the village in no time. Such an occurrence was not the first of its kind, neither was it the second or the third. Just over five months ago, poultry of unknown number was stolen from the South of the village never to be traced. Regardless of several conjectures, the puzzle of the disappearances remained unresolved. However, this time it was believed to be the act of an animal, probably a leopard that had been spotted in the area a few times. Most of the animals were eaten partially. In some cases, they were only killed and left at that. So angry were the villagers that they began deliberating on ways of eliminating the animal that had been robbing them of their livelihood.
Having had enough, the villagers decided to launch a hunt for the animal. I was amongst the members of the group who had been tasked with finding the infamous leopard and killing it for it had already subjected us to more suffering than we could tolerate any longer. We left for the jungle at dusk as this time was a known secret that wild animals begin to move freely. For hours, we heard no sound except that of mosquitoes, crickets, and the chirpings of birds around us. Darkness quickly crept in and soon we were in pitch darkness in the thick woods. Fear began running down our spine despite not having even come face to face with the monster-the village’s mortal enemy. Not helping us either was the chilly weather that somehow found itself into the heavy attires we were donning to help keep the cold away.
Just as we were about to give up and return home, one of us spotted paw prints on the muddy ground which assured us of the leopard’s usual path. As soon as the rays of the sun began penetrating through the woods sending beautiful orange rays signaling the birth of a new day, we set a trap using a sheep on its trail. Optimism filled the air as we were certain the leopard’s 40 days had finally come. Armed with machetes, the villagers were baying for the animal’s blood, little did they know that the leopard not be killed in the end.
Just as impatience grew louder and louder, we heard the bushes rustle and the leaves crackle. Everybody shivered to his spine and spotted the beast east coming towards us. The beast proceeded with a majestic maneuver, it walked in the direction of the miserable animal that was now bleating so loudly in desperation it could be heard from miles and miles away. Nothing could describe contrast as it

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