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Project 4: Abnormal Psychology (Psychological Disorders) (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


These are my teachers instructions.
Project 4: Abnormal Psychology (Psychological Disorders)
Find a psychology experiment that has been done to study abnormal psychology. Read the journal article and understand the experiment completely. Your paper should consist of the scientific method labeling each part of the experiment. For example, what was the question, what was the hypothesis, what type of experiment was run, what were the results, and what is the final conclusion. Each step should have its own paragraph with exceptional details in each. As your final conclusion, summarize the validity and reliability of the experiment and what you have learned from studying this research. The paper also needs footnotes of the sources after each time used. My original question/topic was "How does multiple personality disorder affect the adults behavior and average day?" If you could make it along that topic, that'd be amazing. I attached a example of what our paper should look like too. :)


Dissociative Identity Disorder Experiment Analysis
Dissociative Identity Disorder Experiment Analysis
Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously identified as Multiple Personality Disorder remains an attractive point of discussion in psychological medicine and educational corridors. To date, the disease continues to elicit controversy as researchers seek to identify myths and make revealing truths about the condition. While the topic remains controversial, researchers strive to understand the existing etiology and methods used in Dissociative Identity Disorder. Notably, researchers have little literature on the performance of cognitive developments where human memory is the dominant symptoms (Butcher, Hooley & Mineka, 2015). Before analyzing the experiment carried out, it is pertinent to make a summary of the problem of multiple personalities. The essay introduces Dissociative Identity Disorder with the surrounding controversies, theories, and findings. Finally, the paper identifies the hypothesis applied for the experiment, the patients under study and made a summary of the conclusions of the investigation. There are different theories, and definitions scholars have given as they seek to shade more light on the pertinent topic of dissociation.
Dissociation can be defined as the alienation of psychological processes which in normal individuals integrate life memories and emotions. Scholars argue that Dissociation Identity Disorders are a form of psychological reaction to past situations that may have been traumatic. Some scholars claim that it is a mechanism human beings use to protect themselves from traumatic situations from the past (Barlow, 2005). Over time researchers continue to seek more knowledge on dissociation models. This is because of the increasing cases of trauma and how people suffering from severe cases of trauma are undergoing acute psychological stress. There is need to understand the human brain to ascertain and find the solution to Dissociation Identity Disorder. The experiment tested self-reported switching in the student as well as DID group participants to seek new knowledge on the effects of trauma on individuals. The investigation addressed how several personality disorders such as childhood traumas affect the adult life and relationships of people.
The experiment applied some assumptions that include; In comparison to unshared memories, there is a strong sense of structure and sense in shared memories as participants show a deeper connection with close memories. Secondly, the dissociative identity disorder subjects will reveal or have no shortage of memory on the list of words to remember. Thirdly, the university participants, as well as DID subjects, will get the same treatment regarding the learning of particular tasks relevant to the experiment. Finally, the trial will test integration and switch among the participants (Barlow, 2005).
The lab test carried comparative tests on two distinct groups of women. First, it examined eleven women to gai...
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