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Blockchain Technology in Healthcare (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This assignment was an article review that was meant to explain the block chain technology on heathcare.


Blockchain Technology in Healthcare
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Blockchain Technology in Healthcare
The article "Application of blockchain technology in healthcare: a Comprehensive study by Fekih & Lehami (2020) presents blockchain as one of the technologies of interest currently. The technology has various applications in different sectors such as finance, government, healthcare and energy. Critically, the article conducts a comprehensive study focusing on the applications of blockchain in the healthcare sector. The primary use cases of focus in the article are insurance, health records and remote monitoring of patients.
The article aims at answering the question of what might be the possible applications of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. However, to collect enough data that satisfies the objective, the authors reviewed and presented relevant researchers focusing on blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. The researchers classified the identified studies into various categories depending on the comprehensiveness of blockchain use cases they present, particularly healthcare. The study identifies various lessons from the research projects, discussing the applicability of the identified solutions and technical limitations. Considerably, the article succeeds to show the influence of blockchain technology in the sector.
Following the article's findings, blockchain technology seems promising in enabling remote monitoring of patients, managing medical records electronically, facilitating pharmaceutical supply chains and necessitating claims of health insurance. Ideally, blockchain is a peer-to-peer network that uses the internet; it is a public ledger with a sequence of blocks, holding the history of transactions occurring in a network. According to Fekih & Lahami (2020), blockchain technology is a vital technology in transforming the health care sector by managing the health data that the technology improves from the potential connection to the heterogeneity of systems and increase in the electronic health record. The article presents a difference between the electronic medical records and electronic health records despite the use of terms interchangeability; EMR is a digital version for paper charts in the medical offices, containing medical and treatment history of the clients, while EHR contains the patient's health beyond the standard clinical data in the healthcare provider's office. Other blockchain applications in electronic health records include Medblock, BlockHie, Medshare and Fast health Interpretability Records+Blockchain.
When it comes to monitoring the patient's health, blockchain plays a critical role in collecting medical data using mobile devices, body sensors and the internet. Blockchain technology stores, shares, and retrieves biomedical data remotely. For instance, the Ethereum smart contracts enable the automation of interventions securely by ensuring real-time monitoring of patients timely. Another significant use case of blockchain technology is in the pharmaceutical supply chain, where counterfeit and medication inadequacies are necessary consequences for the patients ((Fekih & Lahami, 2020). Blockchain technology addresses such issues, achieving data immutability to verify if there is compliance to quality control temperatures, which creates public accessibility of records concerning temperatures of pharmaceuticals. The idea is helpful during transportation.
The article also rev

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