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Professional Management: Issues to Address to Achieve Goals and Objectives (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Task 1: Professional Development Reflection
Write a reflection on
• My CV and LinkedIn profile
• My courses
1- A guide to psychometric and recruitment tests (teach you how to approach the different types of tests and recognize how tests are scored. It will also let you know who can support you with recruitment test practice)
2- Creating great first impressions
Here are some tips for writing the reflection:
• Say what the activity involved – is it an area where you lack confidence or experience?
• Identify what you learned from the activity – was it useful or interesting?
• Consider how the activity will benefit you in the future e.g. making group presentations or communicating with customers
• What have you learned about your strengths, weaknesses or development needs along the way?
(800 words on overall reflection)
Task 2: Write a career plan which includes your career goals and how you intend to achieve them.
Things to include in this section:
• What sector do you hope to work in? Marketing
• What job role interests you? Marketing Management
• Do you want to run your own business? Yes. Tell us about your ideas…
• Do you plan to do a placement or internship during your degree?
• How will you get good-quality work experience to improve your CV?
• If you really have no idea what you want to do in the future, how will you learn about the careers options available to you?
( 300 words)


Professional Development Reflection
Institutional Affiliation
Instructor’s Name
Professional Development Reflection
The activities involve Professional management of accounts and regular communication with clients, timing and accurately responding to their queries and complaints on an online-offline mode. Delivering enterprise service to Google's advertisers and users while receiving and responding to inquiries by phone, email, live chat, and video conferencing. Careful establishment and lead through cold calling and management by tracking and following up. Strong communication and interpersonal skills in establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with different stakeholders. Comprehensive account optimization and strategic planning performance within AdWords and development of user-generated content on consumer products while applying policy guidelines.
Close engagement with specialists, engineers, and product team members on new recruitment interview guides and psychometric recruitment tests to ensure the business's new feature development plans. Implementation of pitching interviews to handle both technical and nontechnical inquiries and set up the whole service desk to develop a processed and updated question database. Create decisions and ways to improve customer relationships in resolving disputes among the suppliers and the business.
The activity was an area of confidence, and it significantly aided in the development of more knowledge and experience of the work. I learned various useful and interesting responsibilities about the activity. I have achieved a lot in academics, as my average grades have improved from the previous, and I have earned various awards in economics, finance, and management. This is primarily because I was able to develop clear work experience analysis during the activity. I recognized work ethics and the critical requirements needed to effectively execute various 

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