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Solution to the Issue of Diversity and Inclusion (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Diversity and inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion
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Diversity in the organizations ensures that an organization works with a multicultural team of individuals who represent the community in which it functions and performs. Diversity includes all that makes individuals special, though there are endless variations among people; most of us subconsciously identify diversity through certain social distinctions such as gender, ethnicity, age, etc. CITATION Pod20 \l 1033 (Podgorodnichenko, 2020)SHRM describes inclusion as a "working community in which all people are viewed uniformly and respectfully, equally accessed and able to make their full contribution towards the progress of the organization" apart from diversity. Diversity includes the characteristics and features that make individuals distinct, while inclusion contributes to conduct and societal standards that ensure that people are welcomed. Inclusiveness itself is not important for successful diversity campaigns, but it is also useful for staff involvement and morale to create an inclusive society. CITATION Alc13 \l 1033 (Alcázar, 2013) Diversity and inclusion is the mission, policies and activities of an organization to promote a diverse working environment and maximize the impact of diversity in order to achieve a sustainable market benefits. Companies who build dynamic and welcoming working cultures become more tailor-made, innovative and top-level magnets.
Resolve the issue of diversity & inclusion:
Diversity and workplace equality are an increasing challenge for businesses seeking to change their community. A diverse and multicultural workforce can help a business prosper in a globalised economy. It is a source of competitive advantage and a big growth facilitator. Diversity enables these variations to 

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