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China, Russia, and the Spread of Christianity (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please answer questions at the end of chapter 12.


Chapter 12 Questions
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Chapter 12 Questions
Question 1
As previously seen in the text, the Chinese ended the maritime voyages in 1433. However, it is crucial to analyze how the development of world history would be different in the event the maritime voyages never ended (Strayer & Nelson, 2016). In this regard, if they had continued, these voyages could have had a significant impact on the development of world history. As earlier seen in the text, China was the wealthiest country during that time. In fact, it was the most civilized and technologically advanced. It is imperative to note that if the Chinese had aggressively with other European nations, they would have emerged as a leading maritime power across the world (Strayer & Nelson, 2016). Such a global recognition would have had significant implications on the development and the course of world history. For instance, the Chinese would greatly limit the influence of Western Europe.
Moreover, the Chinese would influence Christianity in other regions of the globe with regards to the increasing Chinese cultural, economic, and political influences in most parts of the world (Strayer & Nelson, 2016). Important to note, the Chinese had started becoming voyage leaders during the period, a move that was somewhat threatening other European players. Owing to 

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