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A Practical Example of Diversity and Cultural Aptitude in Social Work (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Field application of social work and the experience garnered from it.


A Practical Example of Diversity and Cultural Aptitude in Social Work
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A Practical Example of Diversity and Cultural Aptitude in Social Work
This is a transcribed audio conversation based on the domestic violence that occurred to one father and her children in the islands of Hawaii caused by her marital partner. The conversion was taken from one of the coaching sessions to get familiar with field works involving sociology. This client is a female who is an offender of domestic abuse. For personal sensitivity reasons, I have replaced the client name with Madam 'B'. In contrast, my conversation responses have been recorded as 'Communal worker' or 'CW.' The transcribed conversation will only contain a few portions extracted from the primary transcript. This is to avoid unnecessary and sensitive information in the recordings that the client preferred not to be shared in the public.
Communal worker: Many women are faced with domestic violence in their homes together with their children, but I understand there is domestic abuse in the home and mainly caused by you. Would you kindly elaborate on that?

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