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Creative Writing Assignment About College Days (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Creative writing


The news about going the college was the most exciting news I ever received. Nothing could be more exciting to a fresh high school leaver than the news of being admitted into a college which means I get to meet new people, make new friends and to finally have some independence of my own. All I ever imagined was all the exciting moment I would finally get the chance to have and all the academic fun included. Growing up as a kid, I always have my parents monitoring all my movements and dictating my do's and don't which I should be grateful about because there is this saying that it's only a person who like you that will caution you when you've done something wrong and that made me to develop a high level of discipline though they are normally very strict sometimes but being in the company of my parents made me feel like a kid. I don't get the chance to do things on my own without having them watching my movements, I don't get the chance to hang without with friends at will and most importantly I don't even get the chance to watch late night movies which all made me to lose my sense of self worth but having gained admission in to made me to feel I could finally live up to my expectation.
All the exciting moments was what I could ever think of and I never did thought that there would be strings attached to me going to college until when I learnt firsthand that the person I would be staying with during the holidays is a pastor by profession and that person happens to be my maternal uncle
I was born into a Muslim home with a poor religious background where emphasis is always laid on nothing but academics and that created a mindset of " If you don't do well in school,you will amount to nothing in life" in me though I was very good academically because I had a strong background when it comes to western education
Whenever I retrospect to my childhood days, I can still feel the impact my primary education left in me and when I compared the standard to most schools I know of, none equals it and I attribute that to my parents for believing so much in academics
My parents are the type that whenever they hear anything concerning their children's school work,they normally take it serious and that was the main reason I ended up in a boarding high school which further made me to be very serious with my studies because it is believed that students in the boarding house are much more serious to those who come from home on a daily basis
My mum, who was a Christian before she got married to my dad saw herself as the last among his four wives.
I never did know a lot about my mother's family but I knew firsthand that they were Christians in terms of religious practices
Perhaps, that might be the reason I wasn't close too close to them.
I only come to know this particular uncle of mine who happens to be a pastor when I got admission into college

Being a person who loves learning generally was what prompted me to go in search of my religious knowledge independently.
After writing my Senior school certificate exam, I enrolled myself in Arabic lessons and I bought alot of religious books to couple everything together.
Before I enrolled for the Qur'anic school, I always had the zeal to know more about my religion because I am the kind of person that view this world as a temporal abode and death as something that is inevitable.
I saw the fact that for me to be a knowledgeable person, I needed to use my common sense to know that I would one day stand before my creator but believe me when I say that someone I never know to be in existence for nineteen good years came out of the blue and wants nothing more but for me to throw away all what I've labored for throughout my life in a minute.
It all began the very first day I came to write my post utme exam. I had applied for Architecture into the federal university of technology Minna in my jamb exam but my score was a little bit lower than the required cutoff mark.
I scored 185 as my jamb score but 200 was required for the course I applied for which is architecture. When processing the post time registration, I changed the course from architecture to pure and applied chemistry
Chemistry was one of my strength in seconda

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