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Assignment Focused On The Selection Of The Topic (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This assignment focused on the selection of the topic we would address at the end of the five week's course

University of Phoenix Material                    
  Topic Selection Worksheet   Complete Parts 1 and 2 of this worksheet. This assignment is the first step in writing your Final Essay assignment, due in Week 5.   Part 1: Topics, Ideas, and Research Questions Identify each of the following items as either a broad topic, narrowed idea, or research question.  
Item Response
Political Correctness  
What are three ways to resolve conflict in order to maintain a healthy relationship? Research question
Communication Broad topic
What are three reasons factory farming hurts animals or the environment? Research question
Business Ethics Narrowed idea
Technology Broad topic
What are three reasons why pre-employment drug testing can reduce turnover or violate employees’ rights? Research question
Education Broad idea
What are three ways to reduce health care costs? Research question
Incarceration Narrowed idea
What are three challenges faced by military families? Research question
Social Media Narrowed idea
Homeschooling Narrowed idea
Psychology Broad idea
What are three reasons why online learning is as good as face-to-face learning? Research question
        Part 2: Topic Selection and Discussion   Review the table below, and select a broad topic, a narrowed idea within that broad topic, and the research question associated with that narrowed idea. No other topics will be accepted.  
Broad Topic Narrowed Idea Research Question
Communications & English  Conflict Management  What are three ways to resolve conflict in order to maintain a healthy relationship?
Public Relations What are three ways negative press can actually lead to a celebrity’s success?
Biology & Environmental Science Space Exploration What are three benefits to humanity of space exploration?
Renewable Energy What are three forms of renewable energy that need to be better implemented?
Business & Management (incl. Accounting & Human Resources) Customer Complaints What are three improvements that businesses can learn from their customers’ complaints?
E-Commerce What are three reasons why e-commerce completely replaced traditional business sales methods?
Criminal Justice & Security Background Checks What are three reasons why background checks should be required for all employees at all companies?
Identity Theft What are three ways that people can protect themselves from identity theft?
Education Bilingual Education What are three reasons schools should start offering more bilingual education?
Arts Education What are three reasons arts education should be required in all levels of K-12 education?
Healthcare Health Care Technology What are three ways technology has influenced health care in the last 10 years?
Obesity What are three ways the gover...
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