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Assignment Focused On The Selection Of The Topic (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This assignment focused on the selection of the topic we would address at the end of the five week's course


University of Phoenix Material
Topic Selection Worksheet
Complete Parts 1 and 2 of this worksheet. This assignment is the first step in writing your Final Essay assignment, due in Week 5.
Part 1: Topics, Ideas, and Research Questions
Identify each of the following items as either a broad topic, narrowed idea, or research question.
ItemResponsePolitical CorrectnessWhat are three ways to resolve conflict in order to maintain a healthy relationship?Research questionCommunication Broad topicWhat are three reasons factory farming hurts animals or the environment?Research question Business EthicsNarrowed ideaTechnologyBroad topicWhat are three reasons why pre-employment drug testing can reduce turnover or violate employees

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