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Poem Analysis Assignment: A Woman Mourned By Daughters (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Analysis of literary skills used in a poem.

“A Woman Mourned By Daughters’’ Poem Analysis
Adrienne Rich is a poet who was born into a family intellectual people, her father was a doctor, and a professor and her mother was a player of piano and a song composer. Adrienne was conflicted by her parent cultural difference. People like Stevens, Yeats, and Robert influenced her poetry writing. The poem A woman mourned by daughter is a poem that was written because Rich wanted to influence women‘s identity and strength. Adrienne poem “A woman mourned by daughter” was also inspired by her life experiences; strong parents dominated her and whose control overshadowed her need and wishes. The poem is a descriptive type that talks about the experience of the death of a mother back to the memories of childhood. The poem constitutes a mother and her two daughters.
The first to third line of the poem “A woman mourned by daughter” describes how the daughters mourned their deceased mother; the daughters were not removing tears because there were not sad due to the memories of how they were stressed by their late mother. The first and second line last word creates an anapestic meter rhythm since the third syllable has an intonation. To illustrate how tired they were with their deceased mother stress the author uses the metaphor “spent” to emphasis. The second stanza of the poem that is fourth up to the tent line talks about the constant presence of their mother in their lives before her death and after her death. They insist on how annoying and disturbing it is to feel the existence of their deceased mother still even when the fact is she no longer lives. The author used imagery as a device in fourth and fifth line to create a picture of the presence of the mother when use the phrase “the whole sky”. The daughters describe their mother as an old woman with no strength of doing anything since she is weak and feeble in the in eleventh to fourteen line which is expressed by the metaphor’’ a straw blown on the bed’’ to indicate weakness. The author also uses the smiley “like a corpse pulled from the sea” to create a visual picture of the dead mother in bed. Also the poet uses the smiley device in fourteenth line “as crisp as a dead insect” to signify their deceased mother lack of strength
The next line after fourteen to the twentieth line talks about their feelings towards the death of their mother. The daughters are more saddened and angry about how their deceased mother used to mistreat or ill-treat them when she was alive as compared to losing her. In the seventeenth line, the author uses the smiley device “like satin you pulled over bridal head” to emphasis on the treatment of their mother. The stanza with line twenty-one to twenty-eight talks about the responsibilities of the daughters. They fee...
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