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Personal Statement Assignment: MSc International Relations (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


a student has received an admission to Nottingham trent university . write a short personal statement detailing on his passion and reason why he applied to join the university.
the statement should be one page.

MSc International Relations.
I gained much desire to be a diplomat when I was a second year student at the University of Chicago. My admiration for diplomacy was influenced by the continuous conflicts around the world. As diplomat, I believe that I can help in solving these emerging world problems.
My desire for diplomacy is guided by two principles; 1.The desire to serve the world. 2. To be a world peace ambassador. During my four year undergraduate study, much of my academic specializations were on International Relations and Peace-Conflict and Security studies. I have attended some seminars, lecture talks and did some academic writings about International Relations and Peace; these are some of the things that have also influenced my admiration to be a Diplomat. I am a hardworking, honest, dedicated, ambitious student. As a result of these qualities, I was chosen among the thousands of students at the University of Chicago for an exchange program to the University of Manchester, UK, between July 2013 to August 2014.
It is at the University of Manchester that I began the search for a good graduate school. I did consult my Professors and, it is their honest and Professional advice that I took serious. They advised me that Nottingham Trent University would be the best for my Career development. I began to do my own search about Nottingham Trent Universit...
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