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15 Situations and Images Experiences Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The description of 15 situations based on images.


1 All of the experiences one lived and is still living will be part of their past as time passes. Yet, such experiences would garnish our diaries and embellish our memories to the point that the best experiences that we have lived are the ones we wish we could always live it all over again and again regarding the amount o joy and happiness they fill our souls with. The memory that I would opt to bottle up and preserve is all the happy moments that I have spent with my parents during my childhood, all the games we played, the smiles, the laughter, the presents, and so on. If I had the choice, I would open the bottle in which such childhood memories are stored every evening so that I could enjoy them and feel good before I sleep. That would make me the happiest person on earth ever. Remembering my childhood memories, I could not escape the happy moments I have spent with my mother and my father when they used to escort me to the park where we used to play all sort of games and spend a lifetime. I also remember how wonderful and fascinating my life was when my mother used to let me try and prepare easy cake on my own at home. I can’t forget my face all soaked in chocolate and cream while mom and daddy were laughing crazily. They were really joyful and splendid memories for me that I would never forget them whatever happens.
2 Alex is the beloved of Mary. Their love story started when they met in Venice in 2011 by the beach. Fabulous times were enjoyed by these lovers. Mary gave Alex a present that he appreciated so much and decided to protect it and keep it with him wherever he goes. The precious present was a ring; it was a ring that symbolized love, care, and tenderness between the couple. When Alex traveled back to his hometown in Canada, that ring remained the only thing that could remind him of Mary and their love. Once Alex was swimming in some nearby lake while messing around with water with his friends, he realized that the ring is not in his finger and saw something glancing thrown into a giant circle that was inside the lake. He was totally upset and frustrated and decided to get the ring back by hook or by crook. However, that circle was a little bit scary for him because he never approached it and always thought it is deep and void well. Once he decided to approach that circle, Alex swam out to it. Much to his misfortune, he did not see the bottom as water was mesmerizing and hypnotizing. At that very moment he breathed in and delved deep in that giant circle. It was like jumping inside its heart for the sake of the lost ring. Alex went deep and deep, only some bubbles of his breath were visible in water. All of a sudden he showed up on the surface of the circle with the ring in his hand. Alex looked like a hero fighting for his love to live.
3 One thousand years ago, I was responsible for a respected number of people whose main mission was coming to a decision as to set up my new civilization. It was not easy at all to make my mind where the very civilization should exactly be and why it should be there. But, I was keen on establishing a civilization that is near to other neighboring civilizations that are well-established on the account that trade between my civilization and the other ones could develop and thrive. It was better than being on an island archipelago that is isolated from other civilizations, which would prevent any sort of economic, cultural, and social transmission, or exchange. Once, my group of people and I came up to the decision to build a civilization by a river valley between Europe and Africa. Hence, my civilization was right between some of the well-established oriental civilizations. I, personally, think that geography is my destiny because geography opens the horizon for new opportunities and spheres that would avail my civilization as well as the neighboring civilizations. In point of fact, the place I live in shapes in a way the type of life that I lead because customs, norms, religion, and social traditions hold sway over the mode of life I entertain. If lived on an archipelago 1000 years ago, I would have grown sort of introvert with less desire to discover other civilizations and draw on them. I would have certainly been different from a person from a river valley in various ways.
4 Life remains featured by joy, happiness, and vividness when the leader of your nation is the one creating fun and entertainment for the sake of his people. This is remindful of Ancient Rome; the nation whose leader was wholeheartedly committed to entertaining the masses and making them laugh, feel amused and pleased to a larger extent. It is, indeed, true that not all leaders in the past and in the present as well are those concerned with entertaining their people. It is a peculiar quality that only gifted leaders are endowed with. Talking about such leaders, I would inevitably mention the leader of my nation who once in each year hosts an entertaining event whose main protagonist is he himself. What he used to do is really amazing. He used to tell jokes and solve riddles with people, and even dance with them. Yet, what he did last year was awesome and fascinating; he hosted a night event during which he reenacted what used to take place in the Colosseum in Ancient Rome. Everyone was amased at how our leader mastered fighting animals like tigers and lions with the sword as a brave gladiator in Ancient Rome, yet in an entertaining fashion, he also was great at chariot racing. But, what was really intense was the killing of tigers in games, which was so impressive and a sign of bravery for many people. Our leader engaged in dangerous, violent, and cruel games that resembled those of ancient Rome but with a modern setting, cameras everywhere, smartphones recording the scene, and journalists reporting the event.
5 The world would have been shaped differently if certain historical events happened otherwise. Particular events had had their tremendous impact in history and still hold sway over nations all over the globe. Imagination of a different version of those events would lead to a different imaginary world. For instance, if the Roman Empire never fell, the modern world would have been shaped by all Roman peculiarities. Tolerance in terms of language and religion would have spread as the Roman Empire used to be tolerant regarding religious and linguistic differences. The legal system of modern world would have been fortified by Roman laws that constitute the backbone of many legal systems of western countries today. Poverty would have been overcome as the Roman Empire was wealthy and all of its people enjoyed the basic amenities of life. If the United States was first colonized by Asians and not by people coming from Europe, Asians people would have been a privileged community in the USA today, they would have been a leading majority and not a targeted minority. If the atomic bomb was never invented, people who suffered atomic bomb attack in history would have lived more and better, they would have not suffered the fatal and deteriorating effect of such an invention. If the atomic bomb was invented in a different place, its effect would have depended on its use by the leaders of that place. My own counterfactual history scenario is the existence of the USA in a different part of the world. If the USA were in the same geographical location where gulf countries are today, the USA would have been the most powerful in terms of owning petrol provisions, which would give the country more immunity and fortification.
6 If I lived two thousand years ago, I would have owned a horse rather than a cow or a dozen chickens. In fact, it is not only a matter of personal preference, but, more than that; it is a matter of practicability. Two thousand years ago is a time when, unlike our modern world, everything was not that accessible and within reach, that’s why opting for having a horse would help a lot in getting to far places to buy necessary things, to visit relatives and friends, and to leave the place I am in at any time. Horses are known for their strength, patience, and friendliness. It was human’s best friend since early times. It is also so speedy as compared to other animals. I would have called my horse Clever and taken care of it so that it would be always there for me when I need it for a long ride. The reason why I would choose a horse remains reasonable and wise, though I love cows and chickens known that they have many nutritional benefits such as milk and eggs. Yet, a horse could save time in traveling to surrounding places and help bring milk and eggs from any place. A horse two thousand years ago equals a high quality car sport car today. It would have been my vehicle and my friend. Opting for owning a horse rather than any other animal is a smart choice that is based on my needs and necessities in that past era.
7 There is a myriad of post-apocalyptic characters that are gone wonderful to the point that they have become some people’s ideals and role models. The setting in which a post-apocalyptic character is set and the role they undertake in performing some sort of course of action are so much revealing of whether they the protagonists or not. Snowman is one famous post-apocalyptic character that is featured by special characteristics rendering him the protagonist. Oryx and Crake are two other post-apocalyptic characters. Snowman once stumbled while walking between some historical sites of some Roman buildings. He broke his leg while he jumped on big stones there. That hurt him a lot as snowman was always wise and wary. He did not like the fact that he really fell and was hurt. As Snowman wasn’t able to go any further with his broken leg, he sat down in reflection and started recalling how important for others he was at some points of life. Snowman was such a crucial figure in Crake’s life; in that, he was his best friend...
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