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The Feast Of St. Paulinus: Held Festival Celebrated In Brooklyn (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paper was written this summer. It was a questions-Answers type of order, however the client stated he wanted the paper to be written like a plain text. The task was to Analyze a Fest which took place in America and answer the questions. number of pages - 2. Number of sources - not specified - I chose 1. Apa style.


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The Feast of St. Paulinus is an annually held festival which is celebrated in several parts of the world. The celebration portrayed in the documentary “The Men Dancing the Giglio” took place in Brooklyn in 1995. The event is organized in memory of the famous historical Italian figure known for contributing to the liberation of the captivated Italian citizens in the ancient times. The meeting unites visitors offering different activities, drinks, and food, but the main event is the walk of the Giglio lifters controlled by the capo. The capo, Giglio lifters, musicians, street traders, and organizers of other activities are the main participants. Since the key idea of the celebration is to honor the ancient Italian canonized leader and recall the customs of those times, the celebration is, thereby, dedicated to the Italian culture and ethnicity. Therefore, the Feast of St. Paulinus is an important event held every year in Brooklyn whose aim is to unite people who love Italian culture.
The Feast of St. Paulinus begins with an opening ceremony, then proceeds to the central event – dancing the Giglio, and finishes with a massive celebration and a closing ceremony. The event includes dancing, music performances, selling drinks, food, and clothing with the festive attributes. The festival time is operated through the strict abidance to the music rhythm and the capo's commands. The St. Paulinus's statue placed on a wooden construction approximately five floors in height helps to always remember that the saint has freed the Italian slaves from the African invaders. This construction itself called the Giglio reminds about the lilies brought by the citizens in honor of the saint in those times. Moreover, the use of music and the capo's work show that the Italian immigrants in the United States have preserved their identity as the posterity of a great nation that was once captivated. There are no special costumes except for the red scarves and hats. Legends about Paulinus and the music involved in the 17th century are the

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