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The Prospects Of American Children, Unequal Childhoods (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the task was to write a summary of a book 'unequal childhoods'.


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Summary: Unequal Childhoods
The prospects of American children are adversely affected by the race and social class of their respective families. Unequal Childhoods emphasizes on underprivileged sections of the society, the lifestyle of the blacks and whites and the differences in their working style. The book portrays the childhood activities of children from different class and families CITATION Ann11 \p 42 \t \l 1033 (Lareau 42). Annette Lareau, author of the book conducted a thorough research work on how the livelihood of the children is affected due to the discrimination of class and social race. It is believed that the blacks are discriminated and the whites get special benefits CITATION Ann13 \p 72 \t \l 1033 (Newitz 72).But the truth is that the whites also face discrimination on the basis of class, social race and family life in their community. Lareau found dissimilarity among the parenting styles of middle-class family and working class. She experienced that the children belonging to working-class family background were more lively and cheerful in leading their life because they get more control over their leisure time in contrast to middle-class children. The author cited various instances that stated the differential advantages to the children of middle-class and working poor class families CITATION Ann11 \p 42 \t \l 1033 (Lareau 42). She observed that the children belonging to working poor families were very much comfortable while interacting to others whereas the children from middle-class families were well-cultured in terms of greeting and showing respect to their elders. They initiate the conversation with a handshake and maintain eye contact while working class children usually do not look into eyes of the person they talk to. Middle-class parents mainly focused on “concerted cultivation” while the working class parents supporte

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