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Creative Writing Assignment, The Vow, Miss Zainab (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Creative writing


He paced back and forth with his eyes glaring at the floor.He couldn't figure out what is going on but deep inside him, he knew something was wrong. As he stood numb for a while, thoughts of not being able to see him for the last time streamed down his mind and out of rage he smashed the bottle of whisky he was holding as he yelled
"Why now!!!!! How could you do this to me!!"
As he darts towards the the dinning table, he felt a sharp pain beneath his foot but was too overwhelmed to have noticed a broken piece from the bottle had Pierced through his foot. He picked up the cell phone and as he glanced through his missed calls, he noticed that his friend had given him a bunch of calls that he was unable to return. As he glared more closely at the 12 digit number,the first tear broke loose and the rest just came streaming down his face.
"I was the last person he called" he shrieked as he wiped his face with an handkerchief. He reminisced over how they would hang out, talked about business and even go hunting on weekends but the thought of not being there when his friend needed him the most pierced through his heart and soon tears roll down from his red eyes. He couldn't help it let alone control his emotions.
Femi had been unstable ever since he received the terrible news about the death of his dear friend and for weeks now he had been suffering from insomnia. When ever he comes back from work, he would grab a bottle of whisky to find solace in it as he keeps reminding himself how things would have been different if he had managed to answer that last call.
The previous day had seen him in a hospital after which his doctor cautioned him that unless circumstances turn the other way round, he would soon end up in a psych ward and his wife had the mandate to make sure that it does not result to that stage
She would sit by his side with her arms wrapped around his shoulders for hours reminding him of the early days of their marriage, how they would hang out on their favourite beach caressing each other with intermittent kisses while the sun rays touch down on their skin thus giving the required warmth and how he usually come back from work bearing exciting gifts for her.
She brought the old memories of how he would tiptoed behind her to wrap his arms around her waist while preparing breakfast in the morning and his aftermath manly exercise.
When it's time for him to go to bed, she would lie down beside him telling him some of his favourite wise sayings just to give him some self worth and to encourage him that all is not lost and besides she will always be there for him.
All the bedtime stories and encouragement were all to no avail when Femi stomped out of his office in a cold winter afternoon before the closing hours.
Miss Zainab, the Secretary had seen him pacing through his office with a clenched fist earlier but couldn't understand why he was so moody that very moment. When she meandered into the office to get some answers, he saw him sitting down with both hands folded on the table and his head buried on them as she asked what is wrong with him. As he raised his head, he stared at her for a while and shrieked "get out" pointing his finger to the door.
Not knowing what to do, she strode towards the office of her boss to inform him of the impending situation but meanwhile femi was long gone.
The next few minutes saw an angry man driving home on high speed with his eyes glaring at the wind screen. Kicking the accelerator as hard as he could thus driving above the speed limit, he overtake other road users with ease and navigate through the traffic before pulling over at a nearby bridge about five miles to the outskirts of the city. He flared his nostrils as he hands relaxed on the wheel. He reminisced over what he had been through for the past few weeks and as he opened the door revealing his left foot , he heard his phone ringing on the passengers seat. He couldn't remember tossing the phone where it seem to be and as he contemplates answering it, the ringing stopped for a while and continued moments later as he stood at the edge of the bridge with both hands on its steel rod. The phone rang incessantly while he continued staring at the ocean tides. The sound of water against the concrete columns supporting the bridge could be heard at the top where he stood with the cold wind penetrating through his nostrils.
His childhood memories came streaming down his mind like an endless stream as he began to shed uncontrollable tears. As he was about to realise his hands from the support, he heard a voice calling out to him but couldn't see who it was. He turned around and to his surprise, he saw a bright light shinning towards him from a distance. The voice he recognized to be that of his late mother as he stood numb for a while. He ambled towards the glaring light trying to see her face but couldn't.
"Listen to me Femi" said the voice as he stood raising his palm to his forehead trying to reduce the light intensity
"Your friend deserved his

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