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Internal Memorandum (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

<p>The task involved designing an internal MEMO to pass vital information to staff.</p> source..

Title: Memorandum
TO: Marco Glannin
FROM: Business Consulting Agencies
DATE: 10th December 2013.
RE: Management tools.
This memo is to address the need of business management tools for your company. Your business is new in market and has so far shown positive feedbacks. However, to improve it further, I would like to inform you of some essential tools that will be necessary even as you seek put up a warehouse. To ensure effective performance of the business, the following tools will be used: Average rate of return, net present value and Cost-Benefit analysis.
To effectively use these tools, it will be mandatory for you to check the basis from which analysis are done. Since the business deals with supplying dog’s medical products, it is necessary to keep record of all clients’ details and how often they call for your servicers. You will need to essentially record areas you feel the business are doing well and losing out. It is also necessary to get details of how your competitors are performing. Whenever the business makes any purchases or sales, clear records should be made available. The workers also need to be evaluated and it will be necessary to have details as those of punctuality recorded. All details for purchases and sales need to be available as well. Any losses, profits, discounts, commissions and additions or withdrawals of any type need to be captured.
The tools identified above have different degree of effectiveness.
Average rate of return is advantageous for it will tell you if the business is making any profits. It can however be delimiting for it gives an average and fails to identify profits or losses from every category. As a result, a sector may be recording losses though this goes unnoticed.
NPV is beneficial for it will capture returns on money invested an...
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