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Journal Discussion about Movies (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Movies are a creative way for telling stories. the client required for the assessment of their two favorite movies. the journal discusses on two movies, commitment and after-party and explains the reasons why these movies are their best. The assignment requires no references as it is an individuals perspective on a particular movie.


Journal Discussion
Journal Discussion
Movies are stories told creatively, they are used to entertain, encourage and educate people about the happenings of life. My two favorite movies are Commitment, a Korean movie, and after-party. Commitment is a movie showing the struggles a young man goes through to save his little sister from death. After party on the other hand is a story of a young rapper trying to make it into the industry but he encounters some problems. It shows the challenges people go through to achieve their dreams and depicts a realistic journey of failure and success. The two movies have a deep message teaching people not to give up and always push forward even when things seem so wrong because eventually, life creates a way when one tries hard enough. The movies teach people that failure is not failing in what one does but rather not trying again.
If I had the power to change something it would be the ever-widening socio-economic disparity that exists in this world. The problem with these disparities is that when some people have enough to consume and waste, others have nothing and no opportunities. I would purpose to give each person an oppo

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