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Mythology-Reading response 2 (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

After reading the selections from Apollodorus and reviewing the lectures about Jason, Perseus, Cadmus, and Theseus (Units 14 and 15), write a short response discussing the similarities and differences in the mythic narratives of these heroes. What similar narrative features can you detect? What important differences are there? How does this fit with the general framework for thinking about what a hero is and what the "hero's journey" entails? What accounts for some of these great similarities? source..
Mythology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name and Number Instructor’s Name Date of Submission Mythology In the narrative from Apollodorus selection, characters of heroes are portrayed. The heroes pictured include Jason, Perseus, Cadmus, and Theseus. These heroes have their similarities and differences (Atnashev, 2021). Some of the similarities portrayed include; that the heroes in this script came from the same bloodline. This made them family, bearing in mind they have different stories. The heroes struggled with the domination of the two worlds (Atnashev, 2021). The heroes married after they were through with their mission. As much as the characters shared a common past in specifics, they shared some dissimilarities: some were supernatural while others were mere mortals. Because of that, some were stronger than others, showcasing a kind of hierarchy (Atnashev, 2021). Another disparity between these heroes is that while others were selfless, some were selfish. For instance, Theseus did things for the people while Perseus did something for himself, among others. Therefore, creating diversity among the heroes. In this narrative, The Greek culture had myths about the existence of gods, heroes, and ancient Greek rituals, which were recognized as fiction by Plato, the philosopher in the fifth to the fourth century; more Greek continued to believe the myths to be true (Ruck, 2019). This gave the heroes supremacy over the other mortals, creating a hierarchy of power in the Greek fictional narrative. In the narrative, we notice that some heroes were pure immortals while some were mere mortals but had immortal bloodlines. Well, heroes don’t have to be immortals or mortals to fight battles....
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