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Psoriatic Arthritis Literature & Language Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


It is a medical text that includes biochemistry words. Please be aware of using an academic style


Psoriatic Arthritis
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Psoriasis is an enduring disease of the skin that is distinguished by the formation of dry patches and scales on the skin. The condition is not very prevalent in North America as it affects about 3 percent of the total population. Psoriasis is associated with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) which is a combination of psoriasis and the swollen and sore joints from arthritis. PsA affects approximately 0.25 percent of the North American Population and is reported in 30 percent of patients in dermatology clinics. Rheumatologists use the CASPAR classification criteria for high sensitivity and specificity during the diagnosis of the disease.
In comparison to patients with psoriasis, PsA patients have more comorbidity and work-related problems, lower life quality, and progressive joint damage. Moreover, the severity of PsA during presentation is a risk factor for mortality. Many studies and reports from healthcare organizations are showing the linkage between early diagnosis and management of the disease with improved outcomes. Clinical features including, psoriasis severity, perennial psoriasis, scalp, nail, and rashes are associated with PsA. However, these features are not soluble biomarkers that are sufficient for early diagnosis and hence, better outcomes.

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