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Nursing Discussion Board Chair Responses (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


sources have to be no older than 2016
you are chairing your hospital’s newly created Evidence-Based Practice, research, and QI council.
One of the units is having an issue with an increase in catheter-associated urinary tract infections
(CAUTI) and wants to address it. The council members have decided all inquiries will start with the
EBP process in order to get into the literature and see if a body of evidence exists to address the
issue or whether there isn’t a sufficient body of evidence, requiring we move to research. PICOT
questions have been formed (Step 1) and now it’s time to use the keywords from the PICOT to
search the databases (Step 2). The challenge is your hospital is a small community hospital with no
medical library or librarian to help guide you. You are part of a hospital consortium that includes a
large, academic medical center about an hour away from you. Nursing students from the large
university as well as students from a local associates’ degree nursing (ADN) program do clinical
rotations at your hospital.
1. One of the group members is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree at the large university
mentioned in the scenario. He has offered to give everyone on the council his library log in so they
can access the university’s library system. As the chair, how do you respond? Provide rationale for
your answer.
2. Someone else on the committee suggests using Google to search for evidence. How do you
respond to that suggestion?


Nursing Discussion Board Chair Responses
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Nursing Discussion Chair Board Responses
It is very kind for the council member to offer his log-in credentials for the large University to ascertain whether the increase in the cases of urinary tract infection is related to the insertion of catheters or not. According to Oyinade (2017), having a way of acquiring and making use of information related to healthcare is an important long life skill. The provision of tools for accessing information databases by healthcare practitioners so that they can think critically, apply gathered information, and solving problems related to research has been emphasized in the 21st century. A study conducted in Australia showed that at least 43% of the medical practitioners had previously used the internet to access evidence databases Oyinade (2017) contends that online libraries symbolize stability and realization of change towards the attainment of healthcare literacy in the era of technology. The Medical Library Association (MLA) argues that online libraries bridge the communication gap between healthcare professionals and the public. The libraries have the potential of impacting healthcare literacy is a great way which may help in alleviating the increase in the cases of urinary tract infection

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